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Brutal Illness Leads to Actress Hersha Parady’s Death at 78


‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actress Hersha Parady’s cause of death is known since sources reported that she died of a brain tumor at the age of 78.

The actress’s son, Jonathan Peverall, confirmed the heartbreaking news. “This illness has robbed her of her strength, her memory, and sadly, her vibrant personality,” son Jonathan Peverall shared in July of his mother’s declining health.

Before her death, Hersha had suffered from a brain tumor known as meningioma. According to the Mayo Clinic, meningioma is the most common type of tumor that forms in the head. It occurs more frequently in women and is often discovered at older ages.

His son launched a GoFundMe campaign last month to aid with the cost of growing medical expenses.

Jonathan hoped the fundraising efforts would succeed in “improving” her “quality of life and giving her the support she needs during this difficult time.”

He noted that the campaign was about “showing her that she is not alone in her fight.”

Hersha Parady was born on May 25, 1945, in Berea, Ohio, U.S. She was best known for her role as Alice Garvey in Little House on the Prairie.

She attended Berea High School. She began acting locally at age 14 in Cleveland area theatrical productions.

“This illness has robbed her of her strength, her memory, and sadly, her vibrant personality. She has become largely bedridden, and it is very difficult to see my Mom, who was once full of life and energy, now struggling with basic daily activities,” his son wrote at the time.

He continued: “Upon seeing her condition during a recent visit to her home in Van Nuys, we decided to move her from Los Angeles to live with me and my family in Virginia, and while we are working to ensure she gets the medical help she needs, the costs associated with her care are mounting.

“We’re looking at surgery to hopefully improve her condition, but the road to recovery is a long one, and the costs go beyond just medical.

“From moving expenses to in-home nursing care, to medical equipment and more, the financial burden is significant. And with a full-time job and three kids, providing her with the level of care she needs is difficult.

“Rest assured, we are taking care of her to the best of our ability, and we will continue to do so, regardless of any contributions made here.”

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Hersha Parady’s Cause of Death Released by Family

Actress Hersha Parady’s cause of death is a brain tumor. She died on Wednesday at Peverall’s home in Norfolk, Virginia.

Parady moved west in the early 1970s to further her acting career and landed a role opposite legendary actor Jon Voight in a touring production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

She began her career in television with guest appearances in Mannix, Bearcats! and The Waltons. Hersha was considered to play Caroline Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie but lost out to Karen Grassle.

Brutal Illness Leads to Actress Hersha Parady's Death at 78

Later, in the 1976 episode “Journey in the Spring”, she played Eliza Anne Ingalls, Charles’ sister-in-law. In 1977, the star was given the role of Alice Garvey in Little House on the Prairie, which she played until her character was killed in a fire accidentally set by Albert Ingalls.

After Little House on the Prairie, Hersha made only rare appearances on television, including Kenan & Kel.

Parady was once married to Oscar-winning producer John Peverall and shared one child with him. She was friends with fellow Little House actors Richard Bull, Katherine MacGregor, and Dabbs Greer until their deaths.

The actress was once close to Patrick Labyorteaux, who played her son, Andrew Garvey, his brother, Matthew Labyorteaux, who played Albert Ingalls, hair master Larry Germain and Little House make-up artist Whitey.

In addition to her son, Parady is survived by her siblings Patty, Kenny, and Bobby.

In his last update on July 31, Jonathan shared that Parady had a “successful” surgery. But while Parady was recovering in rehab, she developed pneumonia and was taken back to the hospital.

Hersha was put on a ventilator in the ICU and “while there have been some moments of clarity, she has been unable to fully wake up.” An investigation into her condition was launched by the hospital’s medical team.

“We have been in constant communication with the doctors, gathering as much information as possible to make the best decisions for her care,” he said. “Despite these difficult times, we remain hopeful and ask that you do the same.”

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