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Unrevealed Story Behind House DJ Ian Carey’s Cause of Death


It is with the deepest sorrow to announce DJ Carey’s death. Ian Carey’s cause of death is yet unknown, but it will be shared soon; stay with us for more details.

Those who didn’t know Ian Carey, real name Ian Harshman, were an American musician, house DJ and worked as a record producer.

He was a multi-platinum artist. DJ Carey was able to win the top 10 multiple times internationally. In various formats, he was successful enough to sell millions of records.

Unrevealed Story Behind House DJ Ian Carey's Cause of Death
“Another great one gone too soon.”

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What was Ian Carey’s Cause of Death

We learned from social media that Mr. Carey passed away on August 20, 2021, at 46. Nothing has been shared due to Ian Carey’s cause of death, although the US Day News assures you to update the article with more reliable information.

Steve Mac was the first to announce: “Really saddened and shocked to hear the news about Ian Carey passing. Way way too young. Your music will live on. Keep on rising, brother. R I P.”

Unrevealed Story Behind House DJ Ian Carey's Cause of Death
Steve Mac’s Tweet

Olav Basoski shared his condolence alongside three red heart emojis: “Hearing about Ian Carey passing away really did my head in. Such terrible news… RIP Ian…”

Another one wrote after: “Very sad news coming in that Ian Carey has passed away. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.” One replied: “Sad to hear the news. Ian Carey passed away. Rest in peace, legend!”

Please remember that our condolences will be the only thing to get her beloveds through such difficult times. Kindly leave yours in the comment box below.

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More about DJ Ian Carey: That’s my job!

Ian Carey grew up with music, considering the situation and the people he grew up with. His father used to be a live sound engineer. It was also a hobby for him to play guitar and sing alongside his mother at a young age.

His father, rest in peace, also used to design for bands including Kool and The Gang (whose co-founder Dennis Thomas passed away almost two weeks ago.) At the age of 7, he could easily play the microphone on stage.

Years after he got into high school, he played drums and even participated in the school’s military band. It was around that time when he discovered dance music.

Unrevealed Story Behind House DJ Ian Carey's Cause of Death
“Such a talented producer, falling in love with his work.”

Carey met hip-hop DJs and became a part of the graffiti creation scene based in Baltimore, Maryland. As he found his next passion, he started to buy multiple record players, starting his real career as a hip-hop DJ.

Naming a few of his works:

  • Keep on Rising · 2008
  • Get Shaky · 2009
  • Last Night · 2011
  • Let Loose · 2010
  • Amnesia · 2012
  • Lights Out · 2012
  • Baddest Chick · 2013

Due to “Get Shaky’s Project,” he explained: “Can’t say I thought it would be a massive hit, not to the extent that it has gone, but I knew it was a good record; otherwise I would not have finished it and put it out.”

In an interview, he once talked about his specific interest in the hip-hop genre: “I sill listen to hip hop, but it’s different now, not really better or worse, but different, it’s basically pop music. I actually would not mind getting back into hip hop on the production tip.”

In the middle of the interview, he was asked if he was excited to be playing at Future Music: “Yes, of course, it’s awesome… I’m going to play some good tunes and make people dance. That’s my job!”

About his thoughts on the dance scene in Australia, he expressed: “Seems to be coming along quite nicely, and it has grown in the past years for sure. To see my record in the top 10 for so long proves that!”

To answer the question, due to the best thing which has ever happened during his career, he said: “Just being able to make music and play for a living over the past years, really, that’s my goal, and it seems to be working out ok.”

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Reactions to Ian Carey’s Death

Many are saddened to hear the heartfelt news of Ian Carey’s death. Fans and friends have been sharing their condolences and sympathies via social media.

Simon Dunmore Replied to Mr. Basoski’s tweet: “That’s terrible news. So sad. Losing so many people I know or have worked with of late.”

One wrote after: “Oh man, not Ian Carey too? I loved his music, especially Keep On Rising, which is still a massively uplifting anthem. Gutted.”

Unrevealed Story Behind House DJ Ian Carey's Cause of Death
You can easily hear the remix by clicking on the photo

Defected Records shared on tweeter: “Very sad to hear about the passing of the supremely talented Ian Carey. Another huge contributor to our scene.”

Another one expressed: “I can’t hold the tears back, 46 years, you will always be in my heart, amigo Ian. R.I.P Ian Carey.” One said: “IP Ian Carey. Been a tough year for House music.”

Spinnin’ Records announced later: “We’re deeply saddened by the news of Ian Carey’s passing. We will always remember his talent and celebrate his passion for music. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

One sadly said: “Shocked at the news of Ian Carey. For years, under the various guises that he produced music under, I’d say we played a track of his every single night for at least a decade in the Funky Room @pacha. 45 years old is way too young to go. Rest in power, sir.”

Unrevealed Story Behind House DJ Ian Carey's Cause of Death
Click on the photo for listening to the track

One tweeted: “Wow, this year is really chewing us up and spitting us out. RIP Ian Carey, a massive influence on the masses.” One wrote: ” Very sad. So very young. RIP Ian Carey.”

Our thoughts are with Mr. Carey’s loved ones during this difficult time. May he rest easy in grace and love.

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  1. Fred August 21, 2021

    Why does there article mention Robert Smith halfway through the article? Did something happen to The Cure?

    1. US day News August 21, 2021

      Dear Fred,
      Nothing has happened to any members of the Cure Band; however, what we meant by Robert Smith’s death was the International Baseball Visionary. You can read it in our Celebrities Death Section.

  2. Darran j Moore August 21, 2021

    So sad, he will live on through his music, I’ve played house music for many years, and this dj and producer, will live on in our hearts and sets, R,I,P IAN CAREY, FROM A MUSIC LOVER TO ANOTHER ❤🎧🎶🎼👃🙏😥

    1. US day News August 21, 2021

      Dear Darran j Moore,
      Thank you for your sharing condolence. May he rest easy on the wings of eternity.

  3. Chris P August 21, 2021

    horrible, i had a weird moment and his song played in my head i went to youtube to play shakey and then i googled it his only to find out news of his passing came out today

    guy had a gift for making great music, sad to hear he has passed away so young

    1. US day News August 21, 2021

      Dear Chris,
      First of all thank you for reading our article. We appreciated your kind words. He sadly passed away too soon and unexpectedly. May he rest in peace.

  4. R.I.P. Ian Carey
    I’m so proud of you.
    It has been an honor to be your swedish friend. Also a friend from high school, Hancock Maryland, USA.

    1. US day News August 21, 2021

      Dear Johansson,
      Thank you for sharing this with us and your kind words.


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