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Comic Book Artist Ian Kennedy Sadly Passed Away


Today, on February 7, 2022, we received the sad news that a great comic book artist Ian Kennedy reportedly passed away at the age of 75.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by many official sources as well as social media users; An account wrote in a statement, “We’re very saddened to hear about the passing of the wonderful artist, Ian Kennedy! A gentleman who’s work spanned the decades on comics such as Commando, 2000AD, Buster, Wizard, Eagle, etc… Working on characters such as Dan Dare & Judge Dredd & over a thousand covers! R.I.P.”

Another one said, “Sad to hear that Ian Kennedy, one of the giants of British comic-book art, has passed away. He started at DC Thompson in 1949 and was still painting covers in acrylics at the age of 89! Incredible stuff. RIP.”

Time Bomb Comics stated in a message, saying “Ian’s passing is a tragedy. There was no ego with him, everyone who met him found him unfailingly polite; someone who carried his remarkable talent with astonishing humility. Those who knew him were humbled by the opportunity. We lost a legend today. #IanKennedy

Very saddened to hear of the passing of Ian Kennedy. A true master of comic artists who had been part of the industry for over 70 years. Still drawing, and still sharp as a tack right up to the end. My condolences to all his friends and family.

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Do you have any more details due to the heartfelt News? Do you know him or have close relations? Are you a fan? Please help us write a better, more reliable article by sharing your information.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the legend’s family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these challenging days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him; Fans widely ask, “what happened to him?” So if you have any related information about his passing, please share it with us.

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What Did Caused Ian Kennedy Sadly Passed Away?

Although there is no detailed report about how Ian Kennedy passed away at this time, some unofficial sources claim that he possibly lost his life due to an illness he was recently suffering from.

Nevertheless, our team in U.S. day News does not confirm any rumors; we are trying our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; family privacy should be respected news is a difficult time.

Celebrities’ death news always break many hearts; however, fans remember memories, and their idols are alive in their mind even after death.

Here we collected some of Ian Kennedy’s friends, fans, and loved ones’ reactions to the news, including the heart-touching tributes they posted on social media.

Someone said, “Ian Kennedy‘s art was very much in the painstakingly beautiful tradition of Frank Hampson and Don Lawrence, and even very recently he was still producing covers for Commando. Much loved ever since I was eleven.”

Another wrote, “Greatly saddened to hear Ian Kennedy has passed away. One of the true giants of British comics, his iconic style was a big part of my reading landscape as a lad & it’s a point of pride that he drew a cover for one of my @CommandoComic stories. RIP, sir.”

A fan tweeted, “RIP Ian Kennedy, an artist I vividly recall from my comics reading days in the 70s & 80s. He was terrific and anyone seeing the shades of the spacesuit or the robot would instantly identify this as his work.”

Another penned, “This is heartbreaking news – Ian Kennedy was a phenomenal artist and a massive art hero of mine, hit his peak about 50 years ago and just stayed there. Honestly couldn’t begin to count the number of brilliant covers by him I have in my collection…”

Someone announced, “RIP to the wonderful Ian Kennedy, one of the giants of UK comics who seemed like he’d be there forever. If you’re across the pond and don’t know his work as we do, do yourself a favor and go looking. You won’t regret it.”

A heartbroken fan tweeted, “Hugely saddened to hear of the passing of the great Ian Kennedy. He had an open invite to Lawless but it was a little too far for him to travel. He was a massive influence to many and loved his fans. He will be missed and remembered.”

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