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Are Rumors about Jamal Edwards’ Cause of Sudden Death True?


Many fans are asking around on social media if rumors are true. It’s sadly been shared that the beloved entrepreneur and author have passed away on February 20, 2022; But if the legend has passed away, then what was Jamal Edwards’ cause of sudden death?

First, it needs to be mentioned that the US Day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. Make sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.

Born on 24 August 1990, Mr. Edward grew up to become a well-known and beloved entrepreneur and author as well as director, DJ, and founder of the online urban music platform SB.TV.

He set up Jamal Edwards Delve, a project aimed at refurbishing and reopening youth centers back in 2019.

Mr. Edwards released a headwear collection on Topman with American Freshman as well as his online platform. The collection featured a limited edition of snapbacks and bucket hats. They were designed by Edwards himself.

He later launched the 8BARS app in November 2021, which received investments from the likes of British rapper Nines, as well as early Spotify investors. It also launched with an exclusive pilot partnership with SoundCloud. The app is a ground-breaking platform supporting up-and-coming music stars.

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What We Know about Jamal Edwards’ Cause of Death

Following Jamal Edwards’ cause of death, rumors have it that he passed away Sunday at the age of 31. It needs to be mentioned that his death has not been confirmed yet, so do not believe in everything that you see on social.

Since the heartbreaking news is out, fans and friends are sharing their condolences through social media. A fan wrote: “What’s the source for Jamal Edwards? Dude was always proper safe to me from the age of 18, so I slyly don’t wanna believe it.”

Jaykae tweeted: “I think I can speak for us all as artists and as supporters of UK grime/rap scene when I say I owe this man so much! Helped me sometimes without even speaking of it. RIP Jamal Edwards💙 my guy man!!! Can’t believe I’m tweeting this. Legend. I love ya.”

One tweeted: “Jamal Edwards rumors are disturbing but seeing more people who know him personally seemingly confirm it 😔.” LocalGooner expressed: “Jamal Edwards passed away? Ah, life is fucked man😪 a pioneer, hoping none of this is true but too many heads are saying it… RIP 🕊❤️.”

CEO of Yelling shared: “This is devastating news. RIP to the cultural behemoth that was Jamal Edwards. I seriously cannot believe we’ve lost such an important and universally loved figure in Black British culture.”

Another fan shared: “Jamal Edwards is dead.???? I legit had some random dream about this a few weeks back. Nah that’s mad, wtf 😔😔 SMH. R.I.P man.”

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More about Jamal Edwards SBTV:

Like it’s mentioned above, he’s the founder of SBTV which is an online media platform to discover emerging artists. In 2006, it was launched, helping to launch the careers of many artists including Ed Sheeran. The SBTV YouTube channel boasts over 1 million subscribers as of 2019.

At a very young age, MR. Edwards was given a video camera, had a passion to film friends rapping and performing, and uploaded them to his YouTube channel. After a while, he created the channel SBTV for his videos.

At that time he was known by the name ‘SmokeyBarz’ from the acronym SB in the channel’s title. He started working for the clothing company Topman after he left school and kept making videos.

Little by little, his videos attracted more audiences and turned into one of the popular channels with hundred-thousand views. He was able to leave Topman to concentrate on SBTV. Later on, the channel’s content was grime dance music; however, he then began to explore other musical genres.

Noted, the talented Jamal filmed some artists before they became well-known such as Jessie J’s first acoustic video. He also filmed others after gaining fame, such as Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Dave, Emeli Sandé, Rita Ora, Krept & Konan, Yungen, Mic Righteous, Nines, Tori Kelly, Bugzy Malone, Mist, English Frank, Aaron Unknown, and Cadet.

The other thing that you need to know is that SBTV was featured in a Google Chrome advert in 2011. Due to the traffic, the ad caused the SBTV site to crash and it became the second-most popular UK YouTube video of the year.

Conducting the first online UK-based interviews with Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Wiz Khalifa, the successful Edwards constructed collaborations with some of the world’s biggest stars over the years.

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Jamal Edwards’ Age, Biography:

Jamal Edward, as everyone believes, passed away at a very young age, 31. He was introduced to stage school when he was a kid by his mother Brenda Edwards, who placed fourth in the second series of The X Factor.

It was his mother’s will to lead his son on a journey where he can pursue acting and drama, however, he aspired to be successful in the music industry so he attended Acton High School.

Edward enjoyed subjects ICT and music since he was a little boy. According to sources, he struggled to attain the grades he needed for college which made him study for an extra year.

After that, he attended Ealing College where he received a BTEC Diploma in Media Moving Image. Jamal started rapping and would film videos with his friends that would then be posted on YouTube during his school years which later turned him into a superstar.

Noted, he hosted an open forum discussion with Adwoa Aboah on mental health as part of the GQ Heroes series in 2019. Putting all these aside, Mr. Jamal released an ebook, ‘Self Belief: The Vision: How To Be a Success on Your Own Terms in 2013.

His book was well received by many and turned into a big success which led it to the number 1 bestselling ebook series according to iBooks.

Reactions to Jamal Edwards’ Death:

Besides all the tweets, many are sharing condolences under Jamal Edwards‘ last post on his Instagram.

The Windowkid commented: “Gonna miss you, bro. Thanks for everything you did 🐐.” A fan replied to the comment and asked: “what’s happened ????

Sadly, many other celebrities are asking around, praying that the rumor turned out to be false, such as Jkboxing who commented as well: “Please tell me it isn’t true 💔.”

Are Rumors about Jamal Edwards' Cause of Sudden Death True?

Potterpayperhimself shared: “I can’t believe it But say it ain’t so.” Hussainmanawer wrote: “I can’t believe this. If it’s true I’m so heartbroken man. You didn’t just break the scene but you took everyone with you. Thank you for everything Jamal x Fly High ❤️”

A fan expressed: “A pioneer in taking Black British music and culture digital via SBTV. Thank you for being the helm of visual content and a home for artists that didn’t feel seen in the mainstream. The impact is felt and will be for generations to come. An eternal talent. RIP Jamal Edwards 🌹🙏🏾”

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