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American Artist James Bama Unfortunately Passed Away


It is a great loss for the world of art; the American artist, famous for his realistic paintings and etchings of Western subjects, James Bama sadly passed away on April 24, 2022, at the age of 96.

May the legend rest in power and we hope Gove gives love to him and his loved ones.

The heartbreaking news was shared and confirmed by some social media sources; one wrote, “So sad to hear that James Bama passed away on Abril the 24th.
I’ve chosen four of his works, but I suggest you to search for other of his magnificent work.”

Life in Wyoming caused his comment, “Here an artist can trace the beginnings of Western history, see the first buildings, the oldest wagons, saddles, and guns, and be up close to the remnants of Indian culture … And you can stand surrounded by nature’s wonders.”

Bama was placed into the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame on June 28, 2000. At the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, when he was the first Honored Artist at the Buffalo Bill Art Show in 2003, Bama additionally announced, “Everything I’ve done — the rodeo, the trappers, the mountain men — has been done around here. The fact that I’m from Cody makes this extremely significant to me. They’re really honoring Cody and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.”

James Bama was placed into the Monster Kid Hall Of Fame at The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.

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When removed from the service, and returned to New York City, he started studying drawing and anatomy at the Art Students League. Beginning in 1951, he was an illustrator at New York’s Charles E. Cooper Studios for more than a decade. His first paperback cover was Nelson Nye’s A Bullet for Billy the Kid (1950).

Bama had a 22-year career as a popular commercial artist, producing paperback book covers, movie posters, and illustrations for such publications as Argosy, The Saturday Evening Post, and Reader’s Digest, and his numerous clients included the New York Giants football team, the Baseball and Football Halls of Fame and the U.S. Air Force.

Another heartbreaking news! JMU softball star Lauren Bernett’s death was announced on April 26, 2022, and it led to raising questions surrounding Lauren Bernett’s cause of death at the young age of 20.

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Did COVID Cause James Bama to Pass Away?

Some claim James Bama passed away due to COVID, however, there is no official report about the legend’s cause of death at this time.

Our team does not confirm any rumors, but you can be sure that we are trying our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible, but, do not forget that family privacy should be respected at this difficult time.

Starting with The Man of Bronze (1964), he did a strong set of 62 covers for the Doc Savage Bantam Books paperbacks, often utilized as a model actor Steve Holland, star of TV’s Flash Gordon (1954–55). He additionally painted the box cover art for Aurora’s monster model kits, such as King Kong, Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Mummy.

In 1964 he tied the knot with Lynne Klepfer, a New York University graduate with an art history major. Two years later, in June 1966, the pair guided west as guests of artist Bob Meyers at his Circle M ranch about Cody, Wyoming.

Meyers departed from his career as a successful Manhattan illustrator with such publications as True and The Saturday Evening Post to operate his ranch and paint.

After return visits in 1967, the Bamas in New York and moved in September 1968, into a cabin on Meyers’ ranch. Bama began to paint contemporary Western subjects during the daytime while doing his freelance illustrations in the evenings. He remembered, “I never came out here with the idea to be a Western artist. It just happened, and that’s the way it should be.”

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His work is contained in The Western Art of James Bama (Bantam Books, 1975) and The Art of James Bama (1993). Brian M. Kane’s James Bama: American Realist (Flesk, 2006) has an opening by Harlan Ellison.

Bama took his last breath on April 24, four days before his 96th birthday.

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