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Clown Jango Edwards’ Death at 73 Brings Fans to Tears


Reliable sources reported American clown and entertainer Jango Edwards’ death at the age of 73. The Mayor of the city Ciudad Condal Jaume Collboni announced the sad news.

Stanley Ted Edwards was born on April 15, 1950, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Known professionally as Jango Edwards, Edwards was an American clown and entertainer.

He spent most of his career in Europe, primarily in Spain, France, Netherlands, and England.

His performances were mainly one-man shows in the European cabaret tradition. He built up a cult following over more than three decades of touring Europe with his shows.

Clown Jango Edwards' Death at 73 Brings Fans to Tears

Jango Edwards was a native of Detroit, where his family owned a successful landscaping business. During the late 1960s, Edwards became immersed in radical politics, philosophy, religion, and the esoteric sciences.

After three trips to Europe, Edwards decided to give up his possessions in the United States and travel to Europe to study the art of comedy and the clown.

Edwards became a busker in London and formed traveling comedy groups there.

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Jango Edwards’ Death at 73 Confirmed

Clown and comedian Jango Edwards’ death bring fans to tears. He died in Barcelona on August 4, 2023, at the age of 73.

Beginning in 1975, Edwards became known as one of the primary performers at the “International Festival of Fools“, a festival of alternative comedy and clown acts in Amsterdam.

Jango gained a fan base in the Netherlands and for many years attracted enthusiastic audiences to his performances there.

He developed a fan base in Germany. From the 1980s, he spent much of his time in France, where his style of performance was well received.

Clown Jango Edwards' Death at 73 Brings Fans to Tears

For a time Edwards gave regular performances at a small theatre in the Pigalle district of Paris. Between 1990 and 1998 Jango had appearances on an Austrian comedy TV series called Tohuwabohu.

Jango released a DVD compilation of live performances: Jango Edwards: The Best of Jango in 2004.

Edwads recorded four audio albums: Live at the Melkweg (Milky Way Records LP 1978), Holey Moley (Silenz CD 1991), Live in Europe (Polydor LP 1980), Clown Power (Ariola LP 1980), and two books: Jango Edwards and I Laugh You.

The Clown Power album was a limited edition of 3000 copies, each with a different album cover. In 2009 he opened in Granollers, Barcelona, the “Nouveau Clown Institute“, a training center specializing in the world of clowning.

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