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Singer Jay Black’s Cause of Death at 82 is Unknown


Unfortunately, “The Voice” passed away. Singer Jay Black’s cause of death is yet to be announced. He died at the age of 82 on October 23, 2021.

Jay Black was widely known to lead the band Jay and the Americans. He had previously come from the doo-wop group “The Empires,” he had sung on their 1962 lone Epic Records single “Time and a Place” b/w “Punch Your Nose.”

He became famous in the 1960s when he was the lead singer of the band “Jay and the Americans.” The band had numerous hits are including:

  • “Cara Mia,”
  • “Come a Little Bit Closer,”
  • “This Magic Moment,”
  • “Only in America.”
Singer Jay Black has died

Jay had previously used David Black as his professional name, but he had changed his first name to the band’s existing name. He would later bill himself as “Jay Black and the Americans” following the original band had broken up.

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Singer Jay Black’s Cause of Death

US day News doesn’t confirm or refuse any reason for his death, but we are waiting for more official information, so stay with us.

David Blatt, known as Jay Black, was born in New York City and grew up in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of Borough Park. In his later career, he has become known for touring New York State and Florida, singing, mainly solo. Jay and his brother speak Yiddish fluently. In 1966, he recorded a Yiddish song, “Where Is My Village,” about the Holocaust.

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Reactions to Jay Black

Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites following this tragic news.

One wrote: “#JayBlack of #JayAndTheAmericans passed away. He had one of the most powerful and spectacular voices I’ve ever heard. I remember seeing him sing “Cara Mia” on a #PBS special and being blown away that a 72-year-old man could sing like this.”

Another tweeted: “Just announced by his family Jay Black of Jay and the Americans passed away. A great voice, a nice guy, a fabulous entertainer who gave so many of us from his generation great memories over the years. He will surely be missed by all of us may he rest in peace.”

Please kindly scroll down and use the comment box to share your feelings about the heartbreaking news for tributes and prayers. Please keep in mind that the family needs privacy; please respect them during this difficult time.

We are eagerly waiting to get your words if you have more information. More information will be updated as we receive it.

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  1. Regina Foy October 23, 2021

    So sad hearing my favorite singer has died. I have been following you since the 60’s and have been to many of your concerts. May God Bless You

  2. Steve Austin October 23, 2021

    I am English but have most of Jay and the Americans singles and Lps and I play them often. Jay’s voice is so warm and their was no one like him. I have requested in my will that when I pass away I want Cara Mia to be played at my funeral. It was a pity they never came to the UK I would have loved to have met him.Jay you will be sorely missed……

  3. Jeff Richman October 23, 2021

    Great singer.
    His wild and often erratic personality on and off the stage made Rock N Roll fun.

  4. Bonnie Rothschild October 23, 2021

    So sorry to hear that Jay Black has psssed. Loved his music. Unbelievable voice. Seen him many times in Westbury NY. Also a great entertainer. May he Rest In Peace. He will be missed. I’m playing his music now as I write this. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Ward Donna October 23, 2021

    I was lucky enough to see Jay in concert many times. Westbury shows were the best. Such an intimate setting. The show right after 9/11 was so very emotional. The duets with his son Beau were so very enjoyable. I am very grateful to have heard his beautiful voice many times. He was very funny too. Great guy! I will miss him always. 💔

    1. US day News October 24, 2021

      Hearing his wonderful voice in concerts is a great chance and you had this chance to see Jay Black and be in his concerts. He will rest in paradise.

  6. Alexander Szabo' October 23, 2021

    Rarely does the passing of a celebrity affect as strongly as Jay’s passing has… His amazing voice, sense of humor, and mere stage presence brought me so many hours of sheer joy and happiness that I feel as if I have lost a beloved relative! Condolences to his family, and in the words of another musical icon, “Who’s gonna fill their shoes?”

    1. US day News October 24, 2021

      We are all heartbroken about Jay Black’s death. He may rest in peace.

  7. Robert October 23, 2021

    There will never be another Jay Black.like other singers that have been around for years there voices cant be duplicated . Yhey were amazing singers Jay. Bj thomas . And nymerous other they are all.in heaven and God has anothet member of a great band . Vouces that can never be silenced or duplicatef

  8. Debi Elfast Kelly October 23, 2021

    This made my heart cry , this magic moment was my husband and mine’s favorite song even even in the nineties. We have seen Jay perform many times The music community has lost a great voice

  9. Anonymous October 23, 2021

    I’m sad and devastated a truly talented man with the greatest and powerful singing voice RIP mr Jay black

  10. Bob Damato October 23, 2021

    Saddened to hear about Jay Black’s passing. He was always so nice to me and my family, especially to my son. He treated us with respect and always had time to meet with us after his shows. He was the best voice Jay and the Americans had over the years. Thank you Jay for all the years of fun entertainment.

    1. US day News October 24, 2021

      So sorry for your loss. Our condolences to you and Jay Black’s family.

  11. Linda Lem October 23, 2021

    My condolences to his family! His music will live on forever! His original drummer, Orlando Rodriguez said he was the best…he always treated him great!

  12. Elizabeth Hanna October 23, 2021

    He could hold a note longer than the Grand Canyon.

  13. Pat Lannon October 23, 2021

    We saw Jay Black every year at Westbury and loved all his music! He was one of a kind, and will be missed!

    1. US day News October 24, 2021

      You’re really lucky that you were in his concerts. Hearing his wonderful voice in concerts is a great chance. He will rest in peace.

  14. Thomas G. November 8, 2021

    A one of a kind. No one will replace him. Rest in peace.


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