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Filmmaker Jean-Marie Straub Passed Away; Won’t be Forgotten


With the most profound sorrow, we have to inform you that French director and editor, Jean-Marie Straub passed away on November 20, 2022, at the age of 89. Straub is best known for his work with partner Danièle Huillet. May he rest in peace.

Despite “Kommunisten” and some other movies, he shot all his works together with his partner Danièle Huillet, who died in 2006. The mainly left-critical-political works are characterized by an unmistakable approach: the renunciation of the illusionistic and emotional potential of cinema.

Straub and Huillet’s efforts led to a result that included rejecting commerce and conventions and resisting mainstream cinema, Hollywood, and the star system through their movies. The couple preferred literary models by Kafka, Böll, Malraux, and Hölderlin.

Straubhad a fruitful carrer but he is known among people for Class Relations (1984), The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (1968) and Sicily! (1999).

The movie “Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach” in 1967, was a great success for him and maybe his best feature film which he had already shot together with Huillet. The couple left over 50 works to posterity. Many were as controversial as they were intellectually demanding.

Although, the story about the most important stages in the life of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach already annoyed audiences and critics, because he renounced all clichés of the baroque music master.

Fans claim that it was in 1974 when the first major controversy occurred with “Moses und Aron” based on the opera by Arnold Schoenberg because the opening credits contain a dedication to the cameraman and German terrorist Holger Meins.

“Style doesn’t exist. A movie that has a style sucks. The work that a director must do is against himself, against complacency, to achieve something that does not have a style, but that can steal something from the world without squeaking.”

Jean-Marie Straub

The couple rathered to use the freshness of the amateur actors in their movies instead of asking professional actors to star in their movies, perfect role identification, and the great gestural play of the actor.

As a result, the films often seemed bulky and cumbersome, which earned them the accusation of dilettantism and lack of emotion. Some believe that despite their weaknesses, their movies were unique.

“As long as there is American imperialist capitalism, there can never be enough terrorists in the world”, this was a message from Straub that one of the actors read at the 63rd Venice Film Festival in September 2006 which led a scandal for Straub and Huillet.

Jean-Marie Straub was born on January 8, 1933 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France. He was married to co-director Danièle Huillet from 1959 untill her death

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Jean-Marie Straub Passed Away

The death news was announced by Christophe Bolli, head of communications at Cinémathèque suisse. His cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

It must be noted that US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information about how Jean-Marie Straub passed away. Please let us know if you read incorrect details or learn more information.

On social media, messages of condolences were sent to Jean-Marie Straub’s family and loved ones. His friends shared their sadness through their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. May he rest in peace.

Cinemateca Uruguaya shared on its social media: “Jean-Marie Straub died. No one who has seen any of the films he made with Danièlle Huillet left the cinema being the same person who entered. His films renewed the idea that cinema was capable of changing the way we think and see the world.”

“If Godard destroyed cinema with a flickering montage, Jean-Marie Straub invented it again with patience and contemplation. His work with Danièle Huillet, and in the end alone, finds in the slow passage of things a struggle against stimulation and control. His death kills us.” Alonso Díaz de la Vega on Twitter.

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