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Actress and Miss America Jo-Carroll Dennison’s Cause of Death


Sadly, one of the oldest surviving former Miss America has passed away on November 1st, 2021; however, nothing yet has been shared due to Jo-Carroll Dennison’s cause of death. Stay to learn more.

The lovely lady was known as the oldest living Miss America who had refused to wear a swimsuit on stage again after being crowned. She was born in an Arizona men’s prison in 1923, grew up performing in her parents’ traveling medicine show.

You may have seen her face, staring in several movies such as Winged Victory and The Jolson Story alongside some series including the Dick Tracy in 1950 along with Frank Sinatra and Ed Sullivan, per Deadline.

She stated: “Now in my 98th year, the eight decades that have passed since I won the pageant have been filled with wondrously fascinating experiences.”

She expressed: “But whenever I’m introduced to a stranger, whomever they may be, nobody talks about the many adventures I have had. Invariably they say, ‘She is a former Miss America, you know.”

After entering the contest as Miss Texas, Miss Dennison had crowned Miss America on September 12, 1942. She received both the talent and the swimsuit competitions in the tournament.

During World War II, she spent most of her time visiting defense plants, hospitals, and service camps and selling war bonds, refusing to wear a swimsuit as part of her role as Miss America.

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Untold Story Behind Jo-Carroll Dennison’s Cause of Death

At first, it needs to be mentioned that the circumstances surrounding any news due to Jo-Carroll Dennison’s cause of death are not entirely clear.

All that has been shared is that she died at home in California on October 18, 2021, according to her son, at the age of 97. The Miss America Organization tribute: “We thank her for her year of service and will miss her dearly.”

Mike Barnes tweeted: “Jo-Carroll Dennison, 97; the first wife of Phil Silvers won the Miss America contest in 1942, then appeared in such films as ‘The Song of Bernadette,’ ‘State Fair,’ ‘Winged Victory’ and ‘The Jolson Story.”

Actress and Miss America Jo-Carroll Dennison's Cause of Death

She has been referred to as a model for young women and men in a world where many are tempted to bend to social expectations rather than trusting and following their own moral compass.

Back in 1945, Miss. Dennison got married to comedian Phil Silvers, although the marriage lasted for five years later. She got married again to CBS producer and director Russell Stoneham, shared two children who ended up to divorce as well.

May she rest easy in grace and love and be remembered fondly. Please write your condolence for us as it will be the only thing to get her beloveds through such difficult times.

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Reactions to Jo-Carroll Dennison’s Death:

As the tragic news came out, many have been sharing their condolences through social media. One Tweeted: “The oldest surviving winner of the Miss America pageant, Jo-Carroll Dennison, who held the title during World War II, has died at 97.”

Another wrote: “Lovely NYT @kseelye obit of Jo-Carroll Dennison, the oldest living Miss America, whom I was lucky enough to talk to for my book. Fascinating life, from a childhood on the grubby “medicine show” circuit to lively parties at Gene Kelly’s house.”

“I never thought I had won because of the way I looked, but rather because of the way I felt about myself.”

The New York Times shared: “Jo-Carroll Dennison, the oldest surviving Miss America, crowned during World War II, has died at 97. She was one of the first beauty queens to refuse to wear a swimsuit during her reign, a period that she called “indentured labor.”

Another fan expressed: “From refusing to wear a swimsuit on stage after winning Miss America to participating in MeToo… what a history.”

ExtraTV said: “Jo-Carroll Dennison, who had been the oldest living former Miss America, and who became an early feminist thanks to her experiences in the public eye, has died at 97.”

One quoted: “Back in 1942, the pageant was supposed to be about looks. Yet, I never thought I had won because of the way I looked but rather because of the way I felt about myself.”

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