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Isis Actress Joanna Cameron’s Cause of Death at 70 Revealed


We are deeply saddened to inform you that the great actress who played in The Secrets of Isis has passed away on October 22, 2021. Joanna Cameron’s cause of death was revealed by Joanna Pang Atkins.

Joanna Kara Cameron was born on September 20, 1951, in Vail, Colorado. While at college, she became friends with Linda Hope, the daughter of Bob Hope.

When Cameron was introduced to the famous comedian, Bob cast her in the film How to Commit Marriage in 1969. This led to a series of film and television roles throughout the 1970s.

Isis Actress Joanna Cameron's Cause of Death at 70 Revealed
Image Source: Bizarre Los Angeles

Cameron acted in the 1970s films B.S. I Love You and the black comedy Pretty Maids All in a Row. Her television performances also included roles in Columbo, The Bold Ones: The New Doctors, and several episodes of Marcus Welby, MD.

The American actress also had a prolific career in commercials. In 1975, she starred as the title character in the Saturday morning children’s series Isis.

In the series, she portrayed a young science teacher named Andrea Thomas who finds an enchanted amulet while in Egypt.

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What’s Joanna Cameron’s Cause of Death?

Joanna Pang Atkins, who played Cindy Lee on The Secrets of Isis, revealed Joanna Cameron’s cause of death. He said that Cameron passed away due to complications from a stroke on October 22, 2021.

“Sad to post that JoAnna Cameron’ The Mighty Isis’ has flown to heaven. She suffered a stroke and passed away from complications this past Friday. We shared the wonderful lasting experience of making “The Secrets of Isis.” May she RIP,” Joanna Pang Atkins wrote on Twitter.

After playing in Isis, Cameron played television roles in The Amazing Spider-Man and McMillan & Wife. She also worked as the host of the Navy Network, which is a TV series produced by the United States Navy about aspects of naval life. She also directed a commercial for the Naval Academy titled Razor Sharp.

Isis Actress Joanna Cameron's Cause of Death at 70 Revealed
Image Source: Groovy History

In the late 1970s, she was cited in the Guinness Book of World Records for having appeared in more TV commercials than anyone else, 105. According to TV Guide, advertisers “spent more than $100 million using JoAnna as the beauteous centerpiece of their commercials for cosmetics, shampoo, wine, beer, panty hose, and breath freshener, among other things.”

Her last-known role was in the 1980 TV movie Swan Song. Following her acting career, she worked in the home healthcare industry as a nurse for about ten years and followed that with a career in marketing for several hotels.

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Reactions to Joanna Cameron’s Death

Shortly after the heartbreaking news of Joanna Cameron’s death was revealed, many friends and fans stated their condolences and paid poignant tributes to the late actress.

Marty McKee wrote on Twitter: “RIP the unforgettable JoAnna Cameron, who played Mighty Isis and guided a few girls and boys through puberty. Dead of a stroke at age 70. Not even Captain Marvel could save her this time. ‘Oh zephyr winds which blow on high, lift me now so I can fly.’”

“Rest in Peace American actress and model JoAnna Cameron (September 20, 1951 – October 22, 2021). Well known as Andrea Thomas / Isis on The Secrets of Isis from 1975 to 1977, she also appeared in several films, television series, and hundreds of TV commercials,” one Twitter user wrote.

Isis Actress Joanna Cameron's Cause of Death at 70 Revealed
Image Source: Geeks On Coffee

“I have fond memories of “The Mighty Isis” (and having a big crush on her). It was a great show, with an excellent performance by JoAnna Cameron as the title character,” one fan tweeted.

“R.I.P. to my first celebrity crush. Moreso than Wonder Woman, I eagerly waited for Mighty Isis to air, and her team-up with Captain Marvel (aka Shazam) were special occasions. You’ll forever soar in our hearts, JoAnna,” one Twitter user wrote.

“So sad to hear about the upsetting passing of the very beautiful and talented actress #JoannaCameron. I know most will know her as the superhero #ISIS, but I mostly first knew her from her part in #SpiderManStrikesBack from 1978,” another fan wrote.

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