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LGBTQ+ Advocate John Buchanan’s Cause of Death at ICU


Sadly, a well-known advocate in the LGBTQ+ community died. John Buchanan’s cause of death is reported as Covid19 on Thursday night, September 2. He had recently contracted the delta variant, and unfortunately, he was battling the coronavirus in the ICU.

It happened after Buchanan, 57, returned from a trip to Kentucky on Saturday, July 25, 2021. The best friend Natalie Henshilwood said: “Shortly after that flight, he felt bad, and he developed a fever. He tested positive for Covid on July 30. He was admitted to the hospital on August 4 with the delta variant.”

John Buchanan unexpectedly passed away
John Buchanan died of Covid19 after being vaccinated

She said Buchanan got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but he had underlying conditions, including high blood pressure. Henshilwood earlier this week said: “He was pre-diabetic, and he was on medications for both.”

John was intubated and on dialysis. He was known in the pageant circuit and worked for an airline, drove for Uber, and also worked as a real estate agent. More than 90% of hospitalized patients are not vaccinated, while John Buchanan had the vaccine.

John’s husband, Osmar, tested negative on August 30th but tested positive by August 5th. He contracted the virus but did not end up in the hospital. Henshilwood created a GoFundMe to give back to others in honor of John, a man who has touched so many lives.

According to his GoFundMe page, John Buchanan wanted to live and had a plan for a trip to Disney with all of his friends. A candlelight vigil was set to be held in his honor Friday night, September 3, in the parking lot of HCA Houston Healthcare in Kingwood. The vigil was scheduled for 8 pm, with a novena, or form of prayer, following right after.

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Reactions to John Buchanan’s Death

Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites after John Buchanan’s cause of death was confirmed as Coronavirus.

The fundraising team thanked people and wrote: “Thank you to the hundreds of friends for sending messages daily and videos. They really help us fill the void of silence at our visits. He loved Disney and wants to live so he can plan a trip to Disney with all of his friends. He was a performer and a dancer for Disney in Orlando in his youth. We are in this together he is so loved, and blessed to have you all in his life!”

One of his friends tweeted: “This is so heartbreaking. John Buchanan has truly impacted so many lives through his kind heart. Sadly, last night he died from Covid. He was fully vaccines with the J&J vaccine. He had underlying conditions.”

An online user wrote: “So sad: John Buchanan had contracted the delta variant and was fully vaccinated. Nobody should ask me why I’m wearing a mask or social distancing.”

Another tweeted: “Houston LGBTQ+ advocate John Buchanan died after being hospitalized with COVID in ICU. RIP.”

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