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Joseph L. Galloway’s Cause of Death after Days in Hospital


We are sad to announce the correspondent Joseph L. Galloway’s cause of death at the age of 79. Unfortunately, the longtime journalist who embedded with the 1st Cavalry Division during Vietnam War passed away on Wednesday, August 17, 2021.

Galloway’s wife, Grace Galloway, confirmed that her husband had a massive heart attack earlier this month. She had posted on her Facebook in the latest days that Joe Galloway had been in and out of the hospital recent days.

Joseph L. Galloway passed away at 79
Joseph L. Galloway died after a massive heart attack

The Greatest Generations Foundation wrote in a post on the Facebook page: “With great sadness, we learned the pass of Vietnam War Hero and one of America’s premier war and foreign correspondents, Joseph Lee Galloway.”

Mr. Galloway helped write the book “We Were Soldiers Once and Young,” which detailed the 1st Cavalry’s historic Battle of Ia Drang Valley. The book was reviewed in a movie in 2002.

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Joseph L. Galloway’s Cause of Death Confirmed

The 1st Cavalry Division Association and other military veteran groups revealed that Joe Galloway has died. However, Joseph L. Galloway’s cause of death is announced as a heart attack.

Joe Galloway became known for writing elegant, richly detailed stories in a journalism career that spanned nearly five decades, including the 1971 war between India and Pakistan and the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

He spent more than two decades with UPI and retired in 2010 after working as a military parties correspondent and columnist.

Joseph “Joe” Galloway kept a relationship with the division in the decades after the war. He covered the 1st Cavalry Division’s Battle of the Ia Drang Valley in 1965.

In 2015, Galloway talked about when he arrived in Vietnam in early 1965, “I knew nothing about war except what I had learned from watching John Wayne movies.”

He said he learned that the war would be over quickly after Marines landed in Vietnam. “My first week on the ground with the Marines taught me that that was probably not the case. That was out of sheer ignorance of the situation, of the enemy, of the culture, of the country. I was as ignorant as most Americans were, but I had to learn very quickly, and combat is a very stiff taskmaster. You learn quickly, or you get killed.”

Finally, he found that the war would take massive resources, especially with Vietnam’s large borders that could simply be infiltrated by sea and land.

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Correspondent Joseph L. Galloway Life and Career

Joseph Lee Galloway was born in Bryan, Texas, in 1941. His father worked in the Army during World War II, and Joe meet him after the war had ended.

His mother encouraged him to go into journalism, as he had written a weekly newspaper for their neighborhood when he was very young. Then he started as a reporter in Kansas City by joining UPI in 1961, and during two years, he was bureau chief in Topeka, Kansas.

Journalist Joe Galloway passed away
Joe Galloway died after a heart attack

He won a National Magazine Award at the US News & World Report for a story and worked as a special authority to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell before 2002, joining Knight Ridder.

His wife of 29 years, the former Theresa Null, passed away in 1996. Then his second marriage to Karen Metsker ended in 2012 when they divorced and then he married Grace Liem Lim Suan Tzu, who was working as a nurse’s helper during the Vietnam War.

Joe Galloway partnered with Moore on another book, in 2008 “We Are Soldiers Still,” and teamed with Marvin J. Wolf to write “They Were Soldiers” (2020) about the postwar lives of Vietnam veterans. He also appeared in documentaries such as “The Vietnam War” (2017), directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

In 1993 he said: “You do this out of a sense of obligation to those who died and those who lived those especially. Their battle had been forgotten. You just can’t turn your back on something like that, not if you’ve seen it with your own eyes.”

Reactions to Joe Galloway’s Death

Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites following this tragic news.

One of his friends wrote on Twitter: “Deeply saddened today by the death of the intrepid war correspondent and investigative journalist Joseph Galloway, who I was proud and honored to call a friend.”

Robert Bateman also tweeted: “My good friend, one of my best over decades, my former housemate, my mentor and co-belligerent, Joe Galloway, died this morning. He survived and reported on seven wars, three riots, and a lynching. He wrote We Were Soldiers Once And Young. Remember him as he did others.”

An online user wrote: “Joe Galloway – We Were Soldiers – one of the great war reporters of his generation and my close mate died today. He was my hero, a man who ran toward the crash of the guns so he could tell the truth, whose guidance steered me on battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. RIP Bubba.”

Another tweeted: “Oh no. I am so very saddened to hear this. Mr. Galloway was so supportive of the fine work you do, Sig. Hard to find a better champion than him. I thought he go on for many more years. We Were Soldiers is one of the best books on Vietnam I have ever read. He will be sorely missed.”

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His family needs privacy; please respect the family during this difficult time. He leaves behind his wife of Concord, two sons from his first marriage, Lee Galloway and Joshua Galloway; one stepdaughter, Li Mei of Concord; and three grandchildren.

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  1. Gracie Liem Galloway April 17, 2022

    Joe ad Karen McCray Metsker were divorced in 2003, separated after 3 years of contentious marriage. Please make that correction. This is Grace Galloway, Joe’s widow.


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