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American Cartoonist Justin Green Passed Away at 76


It comes with great grief to inform you that the American cartoonist who is also known as the “father of autobiographical comics” Justin Green passed away on Saturday (April 23, 2022) at the age of 76. May he rest in eternal peace.

His wife Carol Tyler confirmed the news of Justin Green’s passing and in a post on Facebook stated, “A more formal obit is in the works. Planning a memorial exhibit and celebration of life for Justin in early December, details to be announced later.”

Nonetheless, our team in US day News does not confirm any of the rumors which have spread out on the internet. However, we are doing the best we can in order to find the most reliable news and information about Justin Green’s passing and also to add additional updates on a daily basis.

Justin Green was an influential figure who actively completed the American autobiographical comic book with his landmark 1972 independent comic. While he was at work he inspired a number of his colleagues such as Art Spiegelman.

Justin Green sadly passed away
image source: tcj.com

Justin Green created the character of the Binky Brown in the comix newspaper, Yellow Dog. This character was a part of the story called “Binky Brown Makes up His Own Puberty Rites” which was published in 1969. After some time he recreated the second Binky Brown story in Laugh in the Dark.

Catholic beliefs and ideas found their way into his works of art and the effects of such complications can clearly be seen in the cartoon characters he created. Green fans could easily find traces of these changes in Brown’s story.

One of the most famous publishers that Justin Green worked with was Ron Turner. He was the publisher of Last Gasp and signed a contract with Green that was worth $150 a month.

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Justin Green’s Cause of Death Released

Since Justin Green passed away many news sources covered his obituary and gave details about his cause of death. According to his wife’s statements, Justin Green was battling colon cancer for a long time.

Last year he received a tumor removal following a cancer treatment but after some time his disease started to deteriorate even stronger. He had refused chemotherapy and step by step his health condition got worse. Recently we lost another influential cartoonist and Neal Adams Passed Away at 80.

Green had a strong tendency to tell the stories of his anxiety to other people. His popular work of art Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary is also about him struggling with a form of OCD known as scrupulosity while growing up as a Catholic in 1950s Chicago.

Justin Green passed away
image source: twitter.com

Apart from his professional activities as a cartoonist, Justin Green was also a master sign painter. He perfected this professional in several well-known projects among them we can mention “Signs of the Times” as one of the most famous ones.

Justin Green was born on July 27, 1945, in Chicago. His father was Jewish while his mother was Catholic but he was raised as a Catholic. When he was a child he attended a Catholic parochial school, and after that, he moved to a Jewish school.

In 1958 he decided that he no longer believes in the Catholic faith because it caused him compulsive neurosis”.After some time he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which widely affected his works of art as well as his lifestyle.

He studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated from this college. In 1967 he was inspired by the great works of Robert Crumb and this led him to start his career in cartooning. A year later he had some corporations with Syracuse University which eventually did not turn out as successful.

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