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What’s ‘First Lady Of Detroit Techno’ K Hand’s Cause of Death


Legendary Detroit DJ and electronic music producer K Hand’s cause of death has been revealed after she reportedly passed away at the age of 56 last night on August 3, 2021.

The heartbreaking news has been confirmed by close friends of the pioneering DJ, producer, and label head confirmed Hand’s passing last night (3 August).

Fellow Detroit techno artist Alan Oldham has additionally announced, “The news is true. My sis, my friend since high school, the First Lady of Detroit techno, the great Miss Kelli Hand, is gone. I’m at a loss for words.”

Legendary Detroit DJ and electronic music producer K-Hand's cause of death has been revealed a
Image source: Detroit Metro Times

According to Detroit Metro Times, K Hand, whose real name was Kelli Hand, was named “the first lady of Detroit” by the city’s council in summer 2017, supporting a career in which she was a unique Black woman in dance music production and DJing world as well as her “skills within a male-dominated industry.

K Hand is remembered as being “the first woman to release an electronic music record before techno grew into an international fascination. She won the city’s Testimonial Resolution, a biographical certificate that lists the successes of a person or group.

The hand was an esteemed DJ and producer and the founder of Acadia Records, an imprint she kicked off in 1990. The label was originally called UK House Records and began with an important four-track EP named Think About It from Hand under her Etat Solide alias. 

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K Hand’s Cause of Death is Still Private

Although there is no official information about K Hand’s cause of death, US day News is trying to find the latest updates and more information as soon as possible.

Detroit-born, Hand has been credited with paving the way for Black women in the male-dominated dance and techno music industry and is hailed as the first woman to release an electronic music record before techno grew into an international fascination.

In the 1980s, Hand kicked off making brief trips to New York, covering herself in the club scene, where she additionally served at a phone company. Acadia Records would go onto house numerous K Hand releases, alongside essential techno offerings from the likes of:

Legendary Detroit DJ and electronic music producer K-Hand's cause of death has been revealed a
Image source: Detroit Metro Times

As a longtime champion of physical media, she was always preferring to work with tools and LPs. “If you can DJ with vinyl then you can DJ with anything,” she claimed in 2018.

She added at the time, “If it’s not on vinyl, it’s not final, that’s the bottom line. Because you need that warm sound, that analogue sound – not the robotic mouse clicking sound. From 2000 it’s all been Einstein, twinky-twinky electronic computer-mouse-clicking music. A lot of people produce by putting things in blocks on a screen. Some people make good music doing that, but for me that’s not producing – you’re playing a computer game.”

Hand published her deubt album, On A Journey, on !K7 Records in 1995. Beyond her career, she also published on labels such asTresor and Warp. In fact, she was the first Detroit producer to release music on the famous UK indie, dropping EP Global Warning in 1994. A K-Hand track entitled Boiler features Tresor’s forthcoming 30-year box set too.

Reactions to Death of K Hand

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts; however, fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death.

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Soon after the tragedy was confirmed, many of beloved K Hand’s fans and friends showed their sadness on social media, sharing their heartwarming tributes:

Mike Servito announced, “She was pioneering! You leave us with an inspirational Detroit music legacy.”

A fan wrote, “I’m so desperately sad to hear the news that 2 of electronic music’s true pioneers have passed away. Detroit’s Kelli Hand and Chicago’s Paul Johnson both left us within a short space of each other. A huge loss for underground house & techno.”

RIP Kelli Hand, one of the greatest in Detroit history.

Another said, “Condolences to the family, friends + fans of Kelli Hand + Paul Johnson. When URB Magazine was around, they were icons to us. I hope more light will be shed on their music + the importance of the Black women + men in Detroit and Chicago who built house + techno.”

A user tweeted, “Heartbreaking. So many house & techno legends have died far too young. I grew up loving Chicago house and Detroit techno & I will love this music forever. RIP Paul Johnson and Kelli Hand. I imagine you up in heaven spinning records with Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, & Ron Hardy.”

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