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Story of Friday Morning Quarterback’s Kal Rudman’s Cause of Death


An American disc jockey, long-time publisher of the music industry magazine “Friday Morning Quarterback,” Solomon Kal Rudman’s cause of death is still unrevealed since he passed away on Wednesday (December 1, 2021) at the age of 91. May he rest in paradise.

Kal Rudman founded the influential tipsheet Friday Morning Quarterback, relied on by top 40 and rock programmers for spotting the latest hits. The heartbreaking news of his death was confirmed by Deane Media Solutions CEO Fred Deane.

Deane, who worked for Rudman for much of his career, announced that Rudman peacefully breathed his last while Lucille Rudman, his wife of 63 years, was by his side.

long-time publisher of the music industry magazine "Friday Morning Quarterback," Solomon Kal Rudman's cause of death is still unrevealed

“Kal was a man who was truly passionate about music, and he communicated that passion so enthusiastically and so colorfully,” music industry legend Clive Davis paid tribute, adding, “For many vibrant years, his voice was distinctively heard by everyone working in music. Kal was indeed one of a kind.”

Rudman, a school teacher and disc jockey who went by “The Round Mound of Sound,” founded FMQB in his house in 1968 with Lucille, as a mimeographed-and-stapled journal famous for Rudman’s single picks – “Go-rillas” in Kal-speak. It became an indispensable Top 40 programming tool in an era before monitored airplay and audience research.

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Getting a mention in the “Red Sheet,” the Quarterback’s front page, printed in crimson to thwart those who would avoid subscription fees by photocopying it, supported propel the careers of Barry Manilow, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Billy Joel. Bruce Springsteen trusted Rudman’s advice for helping him score his first Top 40 hit, 1980’s “Hungry Heart.

“Kal explained to me that Top 40 radio is mainly listened to by girls and that my female demographic was low. And I thought about the songs on [‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’], and I realized that the lyrics were mostly for and about guys.” Springsteen told.

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No Report about Kal Rudman’s Cause of Death!

Although there is no official report about Kal Rudman’s cause of death at this time, some unofficial sources have started to claim he lost his life due to heart disease.

However, US day News does not confirm any rumors; our team is trying to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible. Nevertheless, family privacy should be respected at this difficult time.

FMQB finally developed into two weekly trade publications, one for Top 40, the other for Rock, reporting on programming and business trends and interviewing famous radio execs.

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For the past 20 years, Rudman had concentrated on philanthropic efforts. He closed FMQB in January 2020 after over five decades of publishing. The legend left the title and sold off its assets to Cherry Hill, NJ-based Deane Media Solutions.

Scott Shannon, a morning man at Audacy classic hits WCBS-FM New York, became friends with and an avid follower of Rudman early in his radio travelogue and said he was instrumental in his career.

Calling him “an underrated and under-estimated giant in the music and radio business,” Shannon said he learned greatly from him. “The things I learned from him were invaluable,” Shannon told DMS. “How to read the importance of a hit record and how to spot one before your competitor, and quickly act on your gut.”

long-time publisher of the music industry magazine "Friday Morning Quarterback," Solomon Kal Rudman's cause of death is still unrevealed

Shannon maintained that he read Rudman’s Front Red Page every week, which tipped programmers to hit records just as they were kicked off to break out. “It meant so much to me to see some guy in Peoria yelling about the phones he’s getting on a certain record.”

Shannon continued, “Kal was the captain of that ship. He gave several young programmers notoriety and respect in the record business and across the radio business. I made it a point to talk to him every week before I finalized my music, and I knew I could always get an honest read from him. He broke more records than any other publication of that era, was a true pioneer of our business, a very colorful character and networking genius to the extent that many of his methods of doing business have endured up until today.”

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