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Tragic Story of Australian Senator Kimberley Kitching’s Cause of Death


Labor senator Kimberley Kitching’s cause of sudden death has been a shock to everyone globally and many political parties and orientations have sent their condolences messages.

She started feeling physically not fine when she was driving to a meeting and decided to pull over and call his husband, Andrew Landeryou. Local people who were close to this incident tried calling an ambulance but unfortunately, the actions were taken late for her.

She, unfortunately, passed away on Thursady(10 March 2022). Her cause of sudden death is still everyone’s guess and many are trying to answer this puzzling question. So keep in touch to gain more on this heartbreaking incident.

Kimberley Kitching's cause of death has raised many questions

When Kimberley Kitching got elected to part in Parliament, she vigorously fought for applying a Magnitsky Act so that Australia could finally connect its trusted allies including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada in different areas such as imposing sanctions for human rights.

Moreover, in her political career, Kitching was active in Victorian Labor politics for a quite long time and she experienced being the vice-president of the party’s Victorian Branch.

She also had the honor to be a Melbourne City Councillor in the 2000s and was a trustworthy adviser to many politicians in the government of Labor premier such as Steve Bracks, John Lenders, and, the treasurer in the Brumby government.

May she rest in peace.

Here in US day News, we try to prepare the latest and most trusted news regarding this heartbreaking incident. In the following sections, we will talk more about what led to Kimberley Kitching’s cause of death.

So if you are keen to know more, keep in touch with us.

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more about Kimberley Kitching’s Cause of Death and Reactions to this Incident

Since the news of Kimberley Kitching’s passing spread on the internet, many questions have been raised regarding her sudden cause of death and many are willing to know how she passed away.

According to what we know about her car accident on Thursday afternoon, she was not feeling alright during driving. Then from what the medical team reported, our team could understand that her sudden death was related to a heart failure problem or put it in a better way, “a heart attack”.

Kimberley Kitching’s demise has been a great loss to everyone since she passed away. Among these people are not only the famous politicians around the world but also nationalist Australian people who appreciate her efforts.

Prime Minister of Australia and Federal Member for Cook, Scott Morrison, reacted to her passing and stated, “Deeply saddened at the news Victorian Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching passed away suddenly today, aged just 52. Our deepest condolences go to her family, friends, and colleagues.”

Also, the leader of the Australian Labor Party, MP for Grayndler and, Rabbitohs Life Member, Anthony Albanese, on Twitter said:

“The Labor family is in shock tonight at the tragic news that our friend and colleague Senator Kimberley Kitching has died suddenly in Melbourne. My sincere condolences to her family. Kimberley will be missed by us all.”

Kimberley Kitching's cause of death has raised many questions

Nonetheless, our team in US day News does not confirm any of the rumors which have spread out on the internet. However, we are trying our best in order to find the most reliable news and information about Kimberley Kitching’s cause of death and also to add additional updates on a daily basis.

Alongside the aforementioned facts, family privacy and social respect toward them are very crucial to us. We wish them peace and solace in such a difficult time. We send our sincere condolences to her family member and also her mourning friends.

Kimberley Kitching’s Personal Life and Political Career

She was born on 16 February 1970 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She was well known as an Australian politician, lawyer, and trade unionist and also an active member of the Labor Party who was a Senator for Victoria from 2016.

Kimberley Kitching grew up in the suburbs of St Lucia and her parents’ names are Bill and Leigh Kitching. They lived in different countries such as England, Spain, France, Germany, and the United States where his father could continue his job as a chemistry professor.

She contributed with Liberal senator James Paterson, and they were both co-chairs of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China who were a political group of lawmakers from different regions who were planning to impose massive final contracts with China.

Kimberley Kitching's cause of death has raised many questions

These financial and political deals with a great power such as China were very vital to the Australian economic system. That is why Kimberley Kitching’s efforts in accomplishing these deals are much appreciated by Australian society.

In case you are a fan or even simply felt saddened by hearing or reading about Kimberley Kitching’s cause of death, you can kindly share your thoughts and ideas with us.

So please put your thoughtful comments or even your condolences messages in the box below. It will definitely help us to provide our wise readers with a better source of news.

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