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Chicago Rapper KTS Dre’s Dead Body Pic Shows 64 Bullet Holes


Chicago rapper KTS Dre’s dead body pic has not been revealed but those who see it reported that it shows 64 bullet holes in his head and body which he suffered in a brutal Chicago ambush related to his gang affiliation.

The 31-year-old rapper, whose real name is Londre Sylvester, was shot more than 60 times while leaving the Cook County Jail in a well-planned, targeted attack. KTS Dre was immediately transported to Mount Sinai Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Officials have now recognized KTS Dre as an old member of the Lakeside team of the Gangster Disciple, one of the most infamous street gangs in America. They have a long history of chaos and a presence everywhere in the US.

Londre Sylvester, performing as KTS Dre and Kutthroat Dreko, was standing with an old woman in the 2700 block of South California Avenue and suddenly a vehicle started the shooting around 8:50 p.m. Saturday and two gunmen fired off dozens of shots.

The tragedy came a day after the artist’s fiancé had posted his bail and it says many about the shooting! Actually, the Court records show Sylvester’s fiancé had put up $5,000 on Friday to secure his freedom on charges of violating a former bond in a 2020 gun law.

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Is There Any KTS Dre’s Dead Body Pic?

While fans search for KTS Dre’s dead body pic, no photo of the shooting has been published, but some sources claimed they saw the heartbreaking pictures.

There is no information about why Sylvester did not walk out of the person until the next day, or how the killer knew he would be leaving at that time. The Cook County sheriff‘s office deferred comment to the Chicago Police Department, which rejected to give any more details of the attack.

The young rapper was shot in the face and chest and then transported to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police announced. The old woman was also struck in the knee and taken to Stroger Hospital and according to the reports she was fortunately listed in good condition.

A 35-year-old woman was standing around and was shot in the face, police reported. She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and was additionally listed in good condition.

Chicago rapper KTS Dre's dead body pic has not been revealed

Someone wrote, “#Chicago #rapper #KTSDre shot (at least) 64 times, killed after jail release after reportedly being ambushed by multiple gunmen following his release from the Cook County Jail. Thankfully, black lives matter and nobody worth a fuck was harmed in this latest display of love. #BLM!”

Another said, “I can’t believe how many people are talking about how sad it is that KTS Dre and his brother were lost to gun violence. These men were scum of the earth…just check out their YouTube videos. They promoted violence, drugs, gangs, and the criminal life. They got what they deserved.”

A user tweeted, “RIP Dre and Von them drillboyz from the Chi were no joke back in the day KTS had them boys always on toes young bulls were savages in the Chi it really be ChIraq over there.”

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