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Who Shot and Killed Young Thug Baby Mother LaKevia Jackson?


Young Thug’s baby mama LaKevia Jackson was shot and killed at Metro Fun Center along Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta on March 17, 2022.

CBS46 broke the news of the tragedy on March 18, 2022. Their reporter, Tori Cooper, said that she spoke to the girl’s mother who confirmed that she had passed away.

“I just spoke to LaKevia Jackson’s mom. She says LaKevia went to her best friend’s birthday @ bowling alley, a fight over the bowling ball happened then the suspect waited 20 mins in the parking lot for LaKevia before he shot her while she was leaving,” she said.

Who Shot and Killed Young Thug Baby Mother LaKevia Jackson?
Image Source: WRDW

LaKevia’s mother, Sherina, said: “I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I talked to my baby. I could hear her over the phone crying and screaming then her best friend said she’s not breathing! I lost my baby all over a bowling ball.”

Rapper Young Thug himself has not yet commented on the loss. No one has yet been arrested following the tragic event, but the Atlanta Police Department reported that they feel confident they are close.

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LaKevia Jackson Shot and Killed at 31

LaKevia Jackson was shot and killed before attending her best friend’s birthday party. Atlanta police are looking for the man that shot and killed 31-year-old LaKevia after what they say was a dispute over a bowling ball.

Atlanta Police Department Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk said: “This is truly an atrocity. A young lady has lost her life over a bowling ball.”

Who Shot and Killed Young Thug Baby Mother LaKevia Jackson?
Image Source: Uber Turco News

He continued: “We talk about conflict-resolution time and time again and this is an escalated dispute so we will work this case through the night and we will find the person responsible. We know who you are so go ahead and turn yourself in.”

Law enforcement sources reported that when they arrived at the scene they found Jackson dead, having suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

A spokesperson for rapper Young Thug told a WPLG reporter that the artist is focusing on family and won’t be releasing a statement at this time.

Tori Cooper wrote on Twitter: “Lakevia’s mother just told me that rapper Young Thug is the father of her 14-year-old grandson, Kyvion Jackson. They met before he was famous while they were both living in the same apt. complex. He grandson, “Isn’t doing well” she gave me this pic of him& Lakevia.”

“Rest In Peace to Lakevia Jackson, Who’s the mother of Young Thug children. She was allegedly killed after a dispute with another man at the bowling alley. May she Rest In Peace and condolences to her family,” a Twitter user wrote.

“please stop referring to LaKevia Jackson as “young thugs baby mama” & putting his name all over the headlines instead of hers. she’s the one who passed away & we need to be using this time to celebrate her life,” another user said.

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