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Boxer Lehlo Ledwaba’s Cause of Death, COVID19 Related?


It is with the deepest sorrow to announce Mr. Ledwaba’s death. Lehlo Ledwaba’s cause of death has been confirmed, so stay with us.

The professional boxer, on the way to achieving legendary status, passed away on July 2, 2021. He would have turned 50 on July 27.

Manny Pacquiao was one of the firsts who tweeted: “So sad to hear the passing of Lehlo Ledbawa! He was a true champion in and out of the ring and left behind an amazing legacy. RIP champ!”

Boxer Lehlo Ledwaba's Cause of Death, COVID19 Related?
Image Source: www.ringtv.com

Ledwaba said in one of his interviews: “I come from a very disadvantaged place. I was brought up by a single parent. Even though my father was around, he never got married to my mum. She didn’t earn that much a week, for me, it wasn’t that easy.”

The South African was able to be successful in his career. Although he had many amateur fights, he started to record them back in 1987. Before spending a year on the senior circuit, he won a national junior title, where he won another national title.

“I had a number of fights. It was during the time things were still bad in South Africa. Opportunities were still closed for us [because of apartheid] to compete (internationally),” recalled the former titleholder.

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Was Lehlo Ledwaba’s Cause of Death Due To COVID19?

According to sources, South African Lehlohonolo Ledwaba passed away on Friday due to COVID-19, on his way to the hospital.

As soon as the tragic news came out, many including his friends and fans have been sharing their condolences and sympathies through social media.

Boxing News tweeted: “We’re saddened to learn of former IBF super-bantamweight champion Lehlo Ledwaba’s death. According to reports he had been ill with COVID-19 for a week. The South African was just 49 years old. Rest in peace, champ.”

One sadly wrote: “Another taken by COVID Lehlo Ledwaba.” This is while a lot of fans are tweeting: “R.I.P. Lehlo Ledwaba.”

INQUIRER Sports also shared: “From one boxing champion to another, Manny Pacquiao paid tribute to Lehlo Ledwaba on Saturday following the news of the South African’s passing reportedly due to COVID-19.”

One user tweeted: “RIP LEHLO LEDWABA. For those that may not be familiar w/ the name, LL was a World Class Fighter and the first foe Manny Pacquiao faced on American Soil. A true champion at heart and a guy that fought hard. Rest easy champ.”

Please remember that our condolences and sympathies will be the only things that can get his family and friends through such difficult times, so leave yours kindly in the comment box below, and please, if you have any more details, let us know.

The Battle Between Manny Pacquiao & Lehlo Ledwaba

According to sources, back in June 2001, Ledwaba’s coming-out party was set to be on the undercard of the Javier Castillejo-Oscar De La Hoya card located in Las Vegas.

Although the opponent was meant to be Enrique Sanchez, the Mexican contender was injured and a replacement was required exactly two weeks before the fight.

Later on, He was replaced by an unknown Filipino who previously had held a world title at flyweight and also would be making his American debut, Manny Pacquiao.

Boxer Lehlo Ledwaba's Cause of Death, COVID19 Related?
Image Source: Forbes

Ledwaba tributed back then: “I went to the States to fight a different opponent (who) was orthodox. I was told he was hurt and they found Manny to replace him. I did not know Manny was a southpaw. Southpaws you need to prepare well for, especially to defend your title.”

He later added: “I tried almost everything. I’m a boxer who used to think. I always tried to outwork an opponent, but it was totally different against Manny. Firstly, I was flat-footed, but he was on his toes all the time, so he was hard to hit. I couldn’t nail him. He’d jump in and throw his punches, it was tough.”

Manny Pacquiao also tributed: “Ledwaba was a great fighter. He was definitely among the South African elite with Welcome Ncita, Vuyani Bungu, etc. He was an all-rounder, he could punch and he had charisma, he was all-encompassing.”

Noted, Ledwaba, over the next five years, successfuly fought sparingly, including a victory over Bungu, however, he never returned to world level. He got retired in the fall of 2006.

He walked away happily from boxing with what he had achieved: “I worked hard and managed to reach the level I did. Buying my mom a house was my goal. I was happy because now I have a place I can call home.”

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