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NGB Rapper Lil Ron’s Suicide Suspiciously Caused His Death


Rapper Lil Ron’s suicide suspiciously became his cause of death on Saturday night (January 8, 2022) at the young age of 34. May the young artist rest in heaven.

The star was a Chicago rapper who grew up in the city’s south side. He kicked off rapping in his teens with the artist, previously mentioning Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne were inspirations of his success.

The shocking death news was first confirmed by his close friend and collaborator Chiraq Bandz, as well as the official NGB Instagram page with which they were both associated.

Chiraq Bandz shared a series of posts as he wrote: “My dawg gone” and “My brother gone. I can never call him again.”

Chicago native Chiraq Bandz and Lil Ron grew up in the Illinois city together, with Lil clarifying in an interview last year that they have known each other “since the sandbox,” since childhood.

The two have collaborated several times over the years, with their most recent collaboration release Detroit Flow dropping in December. Chiraq Bandz additionally featured on a couple of tracks on Lil Ron’s March 2021 project Who Would’ve Thought.

Beloved Rob was one of the first Chicano rappers to come to fame, proving himself in the West Coast rap scene in the late ’90s, bouncing between independent labels, and then Upstairs Records found a stable home where he enjoyed increasing success. His first performance was on Familia Records in 1997 with Crazy Life, which made him a hardcore rapper with a Chicano worldview.

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What did Cause Lil Ron’s Suicide?

Although Lil Ron’s cause of suicide is not clear, many are claiming he was in good mental health; they can not believe the suicide, saying it probably was a foul play.

Nevertheless, our team does not confirm any rumors; we are trying our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible. Nevertheless, family privacy should be respected at this difficult time.

Flores started starring as Lil Rob in 1997 and sold 200,000 units. Since then, he has collaborated with artists such as Mr. Shadow, Mr. Sancho, and OG Spain Fly to create many songs, as well as a song called “My Lowrider”, including artists Paul Wall, The Game, and E-40. There is also “Bumper” by Pitbull and Julio Voltio.

The number twelve and eighteen on Lil Rob’s arm represents the value of the letters L and R, representing Lil and Rob respectively. Lil Rob used the number 1218 as a graffiti marker in his days. In 1994, when he was only 18 years old, Lil Rob was shot in the jaw and his jaw was broken.

After witnessing some violence, Flores withdrew from his gang relationship. Since then, he has said that he strictly represents “brown pride.”

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Oldies have been very famous in Southern California Chicano culture for years. Flores adores oldies, which is apparent because he often remixes them into his own music. It was a special style that was later replicated by multiple other Chicano rappers.

Flores names himself the only “old man”. Lil Rob’s songs using oldies are, “Natural High,” “I remember,” “Linda Mujer,” “No Soy de Ti,” and “Growing Up in a Small Community.”


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