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Unfortunately, Former Royals Pitcher Mark Littell Passed Away


With a heavy heart, we have to inform you of a key member of the Royals’ bullpen during their first two division-winning seasons, who left this world. Mark Littell passed away on September 5, 2022, at the age of 69. May he rest in peace.

A Missouri native, Littell split his MLB career between the state’s two clubs. In 1971, when he was only 18, he signed with the Royal, and he reached the majors just two years later. The right-hander struggled over his first eight outings, including seven starts, posting a 5.68 ERA.

That’s hardly surprising for a 20-year-old hurler, though, and Littell spent most of the following two seasons at Triple-A. Once he mentioned in an interview in 2016, on “Monday Night Sports Talk” in Connecticut that Littell and George Brett were drafted and signed with the Royals the same year, and they roomed together for two years.

A talented American professional baseball player left us behind. Mark Littell passed away on September 5, 2022, at the age of 69.

In his interview with “Monday Night Sports Talk”, he said that all he wanted to do in his life was to play baseball. So Littell chose it as his career. He added in a statement:

“I guess you might say I had to basically beat the odds, because the odds were really stacked against you going to the big leagues, and I didn’t know nor did I care at that time,”

Littell made it to the majors a couple of months before Brett in 1973. At the same year Littell, for his work with the Triple-A Omaha Royals, was honored with the American Association’s pitcher of the year.

Also, Littell was in the minors, but after a short period of time, he returned to the Royals in 1975 before breaking through. In May 1976, Littell was approached by Whitey Herzog, who was the Royals manager and used his nickname.

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Mark Littell Passed Away

After Mark Littell passed away, the Royals announced his death news when the team had a moment of silence before Tuesday’s game against Cleveland.

It must be noted that US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information about Mark Littell’s passing. Please let us know if you read incorrect details or learn more information.

A talented American professional baseball player left us behind. Mark Littell passed away on September 5, 2022, at the age of 69.

Before he joined the team, the Royals had a 9-8 record at the time, but with Littell at the back of the bullpen they rolled to a 90-72 record and also, the team achieved the first-place in the American League West.

Littell appeared in 60 games with a 2.08 ERA and 16 saves. He struck out 92 in 104 innings pitched and tied for 24th in MVP voting.

On social media, messages of condolences were sent to Mark Littell’s family and loved ones. His friends shared their sadness through their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. May he rest in peace.

John Farrell shared on his social media: “I just saw where former KC RHP Mark Littell passed away yesterday…He threw the pitch that cemented this 16 year old’s love for baseball back in 1976…He was a mere 69 years old…He had a stellar season in ’76 or he would have been on the mound that October evening…”

“We lost Mark Littell today. I was fortunate enough to get to know him this past year and he taught me a lot about baseball. He was kind, funny, and smart, and a talented writer. I will miss him terribly.” HeatherRose tweeted.

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