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Greek’s Actress Martha Karagianni’s Cause of Death Clarified


Fans are curious about one of the most iconic actresses of Greek cinema and theatre, Martha Karagianni’s cause of death after the wonderful woman passed away on September 18, 2022, at the age of 82.

May she rest in heaven; we send our deepest sympathies to the artist’s family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones during the tragic period.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by Greece’s Culture Minister Lina Mendoni that announced Martha Karagianni’s passing marks the end of Greek cinema’s golden age.

Lina added, “She was a woman characterized by spontaneity and directness. Her presence gave us and will continue to give us joy, beauty, laughter.”

The actress played in several films, 19 of which were produced by Finos Film, a production company that hogged the Greek film industry from 1943 to 1977. It was established by Filopimin Finos in 1942.

She was born on November 6, 1939, and raised in Keratsini. Beloved Martha trained herself in dance and kicked off performing at the Lyric Stage. She starred in Loukia Sakellaropoulou‘s children’s ballet when she was only eight.

She began her film career in 1956 and was age 17 at the time. The star’s first film was The Unknown directed by Orestis Laskos. She also appeared on stage for the first time with the revue Elephants and Fleas in 1957, where she knew Giannis Dalianidis.

Napoleon Eleftheriou asked Martha to perform in the revue as he had once seen her perform at Se la pen.

She leaves behind her family members whose identities remain unknown. She tied the knot to Greek footballer Dimitrios Stefanakos, who lost his life in 2021 December.

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A Rumor About Martha Karagianni’s Cause of Death

There are some unconfirmed sources announcing that Martha Karagianni’s cause of death was a severe illness, however, official sources have not announced her cause of death at this time.

Our team does not confirm any rumors about the news, though you can be sure that we are attempting our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; but do not forget that family privacy should be respected.

Martha first appeared on TV in the series O Dromos, penned by Kostas Pretenderis. She also played in several musicals and comedies during her career. She mainly cooperated with Dalianidis and their first film together was Ziteitai Pseftis, published in 1961. She then acted in a Greek musical, Merikoi to Protimoun Krio.

Karagianni then resumed playing in musicals such as:

  • Kati kai na kaiei
  • Koritsia gia filima
  • Mia Kyria sta Bouzoukia
  • Oi thalassies oi handres
  • and more

The first time Karagianni sang was for the movie Kapetanios Gia Klamata and the piece was named San Fisa to Maistrali. She then sang multiple tracks for films like Gorgones Kai Magkes, Mia Treli, and Treli Zontohira.

She later inked an agreement with a film company and starred in the film 5,000 Lies by Giorgos Konstantinou in 1965. Additionally, she played in another film, Pethaino Kathe Ximeroma in 1969 followed by I Oraia tou Kourea, where she appeared in a comedic role.

She expanded her partnership with Dalianidis and Kostas Voutsas with the movie To Anthropaki in 1969 followed by O Magkas me to Trikiklo.

Martha came back with another film, Giorgos Lazaridis O Podogyros. Her newest films are Pethaino gia Sena and Apo Erota, which were published in 2009 and 2014 respectively.

Martha Karagianni had a victorious career in the theater where she was reportedly an associate of the troupe of Georgia Vasileiadou and Vasilis Avlonitis. She acted in dramatic revues with famous faces such as:

  • Nikos Stavridis
  • Nikos Rizos
  • Giannis Gionakis
  • Sperantza Vrana
  • Giannis Fermis
  • Sotiris Moustakas
  • Marika Neze
  • and more.

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