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Maxim Slobodian’s Tragic Death After Skydiving in Switzerland


Sadly, we have recieved heartbreaking news due to Maxim Slobodian’s death on July 17, 2022. It seems that the legend passed away on Saturday in a skydiving accident in Hendry County.

Aggie shared his condolence: “No no no please tell me it’s not true!!! I don’t want a world without you in it” Sammcglone shared as well: “Lost for words brother! Rip.”

It must be noted that US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. If you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

As you may already know, Mr.Slobodian was a well-known recognized athlete and skydiver, gaining popularity by the nickname @maximignite on his Instagram and TikTok accounts with over 260K followers.

Mr. Slobodian was a skydiver who promoted not only Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite company but many of his coworkers, such as Bilzerian himself, who paid tribute to him on his Instagram comments.

Maxim Slobodian's death was announced on July 17, 2022.

This adventurous man was having 180K followers on his Instagram account as well. His daily adventure tips have been followed for a while on his accounts.

No wonder why Maxim was able to win many titles and the hearts of the fans as he had always inspired and motivated others by saying “We all can touch the sky”.

He’s gone and will be missed so by the beloved fans and friends. Since the tragic news is out, many have been paying tribute to him in his posts besides mentioning his achievements, while on the other hand, some of his followers are asking around to see what happened to him.

A fan commented: “Fly free brother. Thank for you some of the best moments of my life ❤️🕊” While Caseboon commented: “💔💔💔💔 no words. I’ll miss you. Rest in paradise angel.”

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Maxim Slobodian’s Death at Young Age

Fans are mourning Maxim Slobodian’s unexpected death at a very young age. No sign of deadly diseases or health issues was found in the background. 

Many wonders if his parachute failed, while others believe that Slobodian died in a skydiving accident in Switzerland.

Joshpalerlin asked: “wait what????? Someone explain to me what exactly happened plz?”

Vitalythegoat tributed: “My brother 💔 thank you for everything, all the best lessons, all the laughs, all the hardships 🙏 I’ll miss you forever ❤️”

The incident is still unclear and it’s not quite clear to all that what happened to him. May he rest in peace. 🕊 Please keep his family and friends in your prayer.

Liverichmedia commented: “The nicest guy and brother I knew. Did what he loved, and always pushed the envelope. You will always have a place in our hearts brother. There is only one of you! Love you brother. Rest In Peace and now fly forever.”

There is not a lot of info due on his life or his achievements. For writing a better article for readers to rely on, please, in case there’s anything you like to share, write it down in the comment box below for us. It will be appreciated.

Hofitgolanofficial expressed: “Max I can’t believe this news. I am heartbroken. You were a diamond. One in a billion. The world lost a magical human today 💔”

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