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Story Behind YouTuber Mel Thompson’s Cause of Unexpected Death


It is with the most profound sorrow to announce one of the beloved YouTubers and makeup artists’ death on September 27, 2021. Mel Thompson’s cause of death is behind shadows; however, you can stay to learn more.

Mel Thompson, Mr. Puffin’s beloved wife, had brought much difference in many lives. Many have been replying after Makeup: A Love Story announced: “I just learned on Twitter that @melthompson passed away.”

She added: “I have so many thoughts, but the first is radiance; she radiated kindness, beauty, grace! She radiated everything! She talked to everyone like sisters, and I loved her for that!”

As you may already know, Mel was mainly known for sharing videos of her beauty and makeup tips, besides being one of the exemplary figures, showing her love and respect to her fans.

Beauty YouTuber Mel, who was loved by so many worldwide, had made so many exciting videos for many years, and the news of her passing brought a sad surprise to many of her fans. May she rest easy in grace and love.

Please remember that our condolences will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times. Kindly leave yours in the comment box below.

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What Leads to Mel Thompson’s Cause of Death?

Unfortunatly, not a lot has been shared clarifying Mel Thompson’s cause of death; however, remember to check back regularly as the US day News will update the article.

Noted, there’s a possibility discosted by her friend, claiming that Mel had been suffering from a lot of health problem. Also, it’s said that she was battling Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is yet not been confirmed nor refused.

Due to the YouTuber’s death, all we know is from what her husband has shared in Mel Thompson’s Instagram account: “Mel sadly passed away yesterday. It’s tough to choose ten photos.”

It’s written: “We lost a beautiful person. I just wanted to show the smiles she brought. I’ve had to answer so many texts of people just checking in on her without even knowing of her passing.”

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He shared: “It’s great to see how loved she was. And she loved all you right back. I’ll continue to love her and miss her forever. She was such a pillar of our family. The kids would talk to her non-stop, and she was constantly talking with them and trying to help them with their stuff.”

“And no matter how bad she felt, she would still rub my back when I came and jumped on the bed next to her while she was working tirelessly to put out content. Everybody knows how talented she was as an artist and her helpful knowledge, but those closest to her know how truly wonderful she was. She would have done anything to help anyone without a second thought. I wish I had her back,” he expressed.

What More We Know About Makeup Artist Mel Thompson

Cheerful Mel Thompson was 35 years old, unfortunatly passed away only a month after her 35th birthday. She uploaded her first beauty video on Youtube in August 2018.

For having such a close relationship with her followers and being good at what she does, she had more than 50k followers on Instagram and more than 160k on her YouTube channel.

Mrs.G tweeted due to her death: “Mel Thompson is gone. The most beautiful soul on youtube, and I’m sure in real life; I don’t even know how to process her just being gone out of nowhere.”

Sharing on Instagram in 2020 Mother’s Day, Mel explained to all how she never wanted a kid in the process of growing up; however, she’s now blessed with 4.

She expressed herself by saying how grateful she is to have such amazing kids and a fantastic family. She shared with her fans that being a mom is rewarding and highly frustrating at times but ‘ALWAYS’ more rewarding.

Later on, she wrote on her Instagram to her kids: “To my babies, (you’ll always be babies to me) I love you with all my heart.”

Jen Luv expressed: “I want everyone to know that Mel Thompson was one of the kindest, most giving people I’ve ever met. None of this seems real. I want to send out all of my love to her friends and family. Her passing has left a hole in a lot of hearts.”

Are you one of her fans? Have you ever watch any of her videos? Were you close to her? Please help us to write a better article by commenting more details about her.

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Reactions to YouTuber Mel Thompson’s Death

YouTuber Mel Thompson’s death has brought sorrow to many’s lives. Lots of her fans have been sharing their condolences on social media.

Tina wrote: “I’m so lost right now! Mel Thompson, aka Puffin’s Wife, aka the sweetest soul, passed away yesterday. I’m in disbelief. May her and her beautiful soul and family find peace. Rest well, my sweet friend.”

One said: “Took a nap and woke up to see Mel Thompson has passed away. I’m floored. I’m going to miss her beautiful face and a sweet voice saying, “Hey Beauties!”. My deepest condolences to her family. What an incredible loss, rest in peace, Mel.”

Kiran S shared: “This is so incredibly sad. I am shocked; I wasn’t expecting this on a Monday morning. I’m so sorry to her family, friends, and all her followers. I just recently started watching Mel and loved her content. She was such a genuine and talented individual. RIP MEL THOMPSON.”

A fan expressed: “Wow, my heart is so broken… RIP Mel Thompson. You were and always be a star, and thank you for giving me so much knowledge, beauty, and entertainment over the years. You were such a master of beauty and makeup, inside and out. shine bright, beautiful.”

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  1. AL September 27, 2021

    aka Puffin’s Spouse? What is it? Puffin’s Wife !

    1. US day News September 28, 2021

      Yes, although it’s been changed to Mr. Puffin’s wife to be more respectful and specific.

  2. A. September 28, 2021

    It’s her husband who posted on her Instagram NOT her ‘friend’ maybe update the article because it’s very disrespectful to the family. Obviously the writer failed to do proper research.

    1. US day News September 28, 2021

      Thank you for your concerns and pointing out the mistake; however, it was immediately corrected as the article was published. You need to refresh the page.


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