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Mysterious of Film Maker Menelik Shabazz’s Cause of Death


A pioneer in the development of independent Black British cinema, film-maker Menelik Shabazz’s cause of death is still questionable after he passed away on Monday (June 29, 2021) at the age of 67. May he rest in paradise.

As a Barbados-born film director, producer, educator, and writer, Maker Menelik was well-known for his bold role at the forefront of contemporary British filmmaking for over 30 years. He will be deeply missed.

The Legacy Center Of Excellence, a community organization that introduces itself as being Europe’s greatest Black business and Arts Centre, announced the heartbreaking news on Instagram, writing, “We’ve just heard of the sad passing of Award Winning Film Director Menelik Shabazz @menelikshabazz.”

film-maker Menelik Shabazz's cause of death is still questionable
Image source: Twitter

The post also read, “We are thankful for him bringing an accurate portrayal of the Black British experience to our screens with the critically acclaimed movies Burning An Illusion and The Story of Lovers Rock. In 2019 he released his documentary Pharaohs Unveiled, and we had the pleasure of hosting his lunch at Legacy. Thank you Menelik, may you RIP.”

Menelik, along with other individuals, founded Ceddo Film Video Workshop in 1982. It was Menelik’s vision to empower black film production, training, and film screenings.

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What was Menelik Shabazz’s Cause of Death?

Although there is no official report about film-maker Menelik Shabazz’s cause of death at this time, some unreliable sources claimed he was suffering from an unknown illness; however, US day News does not confirm this rumor and our team is trying to find the latest updates and more information as soon as possible.

Despite efforts to produce more drama projects, Menelik, famous for her shining work Burning an Illusion (1981), could not raise funding from within the film and TV industry; so finally he withdrew from filmmaking in 1998.

film-maker Menelik Shabazz's cause of death is still questionable

Established by Channel Four and the British Film Institute, Ceddo created groundbreaking film production and community training initiatives and hosted a number of screenings with filmmakers including Spike Lee ( School Daze).

The legend then directed his powers into revealing Black Filmmaker (bfm) magazine to support the next generation of filmmakers. The publication was the first of its kind and was administered in the UK nationally, and also to readers in Europe and North America. The publication worked for nine years.

Reactions to Death of Menelik Shabazz

Many of Menelik Shabazz’s fans, ex-colleagues, co-workers, and friends are spreading their condolences through social media and expressed their sadness by sharing their tributes.

Someone wrote, “Devastated to hear about the death of Menelik Shabazz – a personal inspiration that directly led to my career in media, and a true pioneer in Black British film. In honour I wrote a short obituary of why he was such an important figure.”

Another said, “this is a huge loss. Menelik Shabazz was not only a gifted and principled filmmaker, he also spent decades championing Black artists in the industry. His life’s work is probably even more influential than any of us realise. Rest in peace.”

film-maker Menelik Shabazz's cause of death is still questionable
Image source: Twitter

A user tweeted, “I never met Menelik Shabazz but knew of his work. When @MykaellRiley wanted to showcase his #bassclub, it’s Shabazz’s footage we used. Mykaell would be chuckling in the office, and then drop the good man a message about him helping us.”

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