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Untold Story of Musician Mikey Chung’s Cause of Death


The multi-instrumentalist, musical arranger, and record producer, Mikey Chung’s cause of death has been revealed soon after he passed away Tuesday night (December 28, 2021) at the University Hospital of the West Indies, at the age of 71. May he rest in paradise.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by his brother, Chalwa ‘Charlie’ Chung in a statement, writing, “Mikey came to Jamaica early in 2020, and then he returned home in January this year. He wasn’t responding to treatment, and so he came home to be with family and friends,” his brother told The Gleaner.”

Also, Keyboard player, Robbie Lyn, who starred with Chung on many sessions during the years, mentioned that after his friend came back to Jamaica, “although he had bone marrow cancer, he caught COVID and survived, but he went through a lot”. He described Chung as “a decent human being and an exceptional talent.”

The multi-instrumentalist, musical arranger, and record producer, Mikey Chung's cause of death has been revealed

Chung was a St George’s College alum who was studying electrical engineering at CAST, fell in love with the sound of music. He said in a December 2018 interview that “Niney Holness [producer] used to come up to CAST every day and pull us out of class and bring us to the session … I also think I have a record for playing with every band out of Jamaica.”

He added at that time, “I played for Byron Lee; I played for Vikings; I’ve played for everybody. I was a member of Generation Gap. I was a member of Inner Circle. I was a member of a whole heap of bands. I loved music so much, whoever wanted me, I went and played with them.”

Charlie stated that up to last year when Mikey came to Jamaica, he had participated in a session for Reggae Month.

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Which Illness did Become Mikey Chung’s Cause of Death?

Mikey Chung’s cause of death was partly revealed by his brother who announced that Mikey succumbed to “a complication of issues, ” while their other brother, producer/musician Geoffrey Chung, lost his life in 1995.

Mikey Chung, who was reportedly ailing from myeloma and had been living in the United States, where he was being treated, breathed his last breath a month after drummer Mikey “Boo” Richards, his colleague in Now Generation.

“But he didn’t do any performances this year. Both my brothers, Mikey and Geoffrey [also deceased], were very talented. Mikey started music in the ’60s when he was going to school. He was very humble, kind-hearted, and dedicated to his craft. There is so much more I can say about him, but my headspace isn’t right just now,” a heartbroken Charlie Chung said.

US day News’ thoughts and prayers are with the star and his family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these tough days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him.

Some of the bands that Mikey Chung additionally played music for are:

  • The Mighty Mystics
  • The Virtues
  • The Federal Studios house band,
  • The Now Generation Band
  • Lee Perry’s band The Upsetters
  • The Compass Point All Stars (Island Records).

Good to know, he supported artists such as Jacob Miller and Inner Circle in the 1970s and had a role in Word, Sound, and Power from 1978, along with the well-known ‘riddim twins’ Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.

Chung also showed his support for Peter Tosh on Mystic Man, Wanted Dread and Alive, and Bush Doctor, playing guitar and synthesizer. He played guitar for Black Uhuru on their albums Red and Chill Out.

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“Mikey played music for many of Jamaica’s top artists as well as international acts,” Charlie shared. Among them were Maxi Priest, Grace Jones, Serge Gainsbourg, Bette Midler, Big Mountain, Art Ensemble of Chicago, James Brown, Garnett Silk, Joe Cocker, and Sinéad O’Connor.

Bridget Anderson, who was the manager of the late Garnett Silk, showed his shock at Chung’s death. “He did a stint with Garnett, and I remember that he was exceptionally talented. May his soul rest in peace,” Anderson expressed.


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