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Former Activist and Politician Milton Street’s Death at 81


Former Pennsylvania state Senator Milton Street’s death was announced by his nephew Sen. Sharif Street, on November 28, 2022. May he rest in peace.

“It is with sadness that we announce the passing of former Senator T. Milton Street Sr., activist, legislator, and politician,” his family said in an online statement.

“Senator Street, started from humble beginnings, having attended Oakwood College and having worked as a youth leader in the Ebenezer SDA Church.”

Former Activist and Politician Milton Street's Death at 81.

Thomas Milton Street, Sr. was born on April 25, 1941, in Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States. He was an entrepreneur, a former Pennsylvania state senator from Philadelphia.

Originally a street hot dog vendor, Milton rose to fame as an activist challenging the city’s vending and housing ordinances.

In 1978, Milton was elected to the 181st District of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a Democrat. He was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate as a Democrat in 1980.

However, shortly after the election, Street switched parties to a Republican to give the Republicans control of the State Senate. Milton was an unsuccessful candidate for Congress against Bill Gray in 1982, and an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for re-election as State Senator in 1984.

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Milton Street’s Death Confirmed by Family

American entrepreneur, a former Pennsylvania state senator from Milton Street’s death at 81 was confirmed by his family. His cause of death has not been disclosed at this time.

Milton declared his candidacy in Philadelphia mayoral election in 2007 while awaiting his trial. Street’s candidacy was denounced by many, including Mayor Michael Nutter. He called Street’s candidacy a distraction from important issues

He was later arrested in February in New Jersey for failure to pay multiple traffic tickets, though Milton asserted upon release that his campaign would continue.

Milton Street's Death Confirmed by Family.

On March 10, 2015, he filed as a Democratic candidate for mayor of Philadelphia. Milton received 1.68 percent of the vote, finishing last in 6th place.

City Council President Darrell L. Clarke served as an aide to then-Council President John Street before Street was elected Mayor. Darrell L. Clarke succeeded him in City Council.

After the devastating news of Milton Street’s death was revealed, his friends and loved ones expressed their deepest sadness. Many people also took to Twitter to send their tributes to late Street.

“I’ve known Milton Street for many, many years – in fact, I knew him before I knew John Street. I remember vividly when I first met Milton Street,” Clarke said.

I was playing baseball in Fairmount Park, and I saw him walking down Diamond Drive near 33rd Street. I told my friends, “That’s the guy everyone talks about,” he added.

Julie Brown wrote: “Thomas Milton Street Sr., who made a name for himself as an activist fighting poverty and homelessness in Philadelphia and later served in the Pennsylvania House and Senate, died Monday. He was 81. His death was confirmed by his nephew Sen. Sharif Street.”

“RIP Milton Street, a Philly institution. Hard to pick just one quote from so many. But I like this accurate 2011 prediction, when he said Mike Nutter would never debate him: ‘Because I am pregnant with information. And I am prepared in any debate to wax eloquent all up and down,’ Chris Brennan tweeted.

“By most accounts, Mr. Street was a bombastic character with an eye for political spectacle, a 1984 Daily News article called him a “fast-talking maverick.” Those traits helped Street draw attention to causes he cared about,” Julia Terruso said on Twitter.

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