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Musician Miroslav Žbirka Died after Battling Health Problems


Unfortunately, a Slovak pop music singer and songwriter in Slovak, Czech, and English, Miroslav Žbirka passed away on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at the age of 69.

The singer’s wife, Katarína, confirmed Miroslav Zbirka’s cause of death as “complicated pneumonia.” The musician had been hospitalized one month ago on infusions. He wrote on his Facebook page: “Friends, I’ve been caught up in some insidious bacillus. Send energy, I’ll need it.”

The singer had health problems back in 2017 when he suffered from pneumonia in London. He was being transported on a private plane sent to him by friends at that time.

Miroslav Žbirka was born in 1952 in Bratislava but lived in Prague for a long time. He was a founding member of the Modus group with Ján Lehotský and Marika Gombitová. They won the Golden Lyre together with the song “Smile” in 1977. Žbirka then started his own group Limit with multi-instrumentalist Lac Lučenič.

Singer and songwriter Miroslav Žbirka passed away

His most famous songs are including:

  • 22 Days,
  • The Ballad of the Wild Birds,
  • The White Flower,
  • and Atlantis.

Miroslav Žbirka and Gombitová also played together in the musical “Don’t Take Our Princess” in 1981. Miroslav became one of the few singers who managed to defeat Karel Gott in the Golden Nightingale poll one year later.

He moderated the show Rhythmmick in the early 1990s, where many viewers watched foreign video clips for the first time in their lives. He was an admirer of The Beatles, met Paul McCartney in person, and recorded the CD Double Album at the legendary Abbey Road Studio.

Miroslav released a duet with the Czech singer Martha entitled What Hurts, It Hurts in 2001.

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Reactions to Miroslav Zbirka’s Death

Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites following this tragic news.

One of his fans wrote: “R.I.P. MIROSLAV ŽBIRKA. Our Singer, Legend! My heart is crying now. The beloved singer, maestro, and legend of our country died today. We still love his songs.”

Another tweeted: “Doubt anyone here knows him because he was a Slovakian singer but oh well Miroslav Žbirka was a great guy I’ll miss him and his music a lot… Odpočívaj v pokoji Miro.”

Musician Miroslav Zbirka’s cause of death has been confirmed by his wife

An online user wrote: “Now we have found out that a good boy, an English Slovak Miroslav Žbirka alias “MiroŽbiro”, with whom we survived our youth, has died. We send our sincere condolences to the whole family and our grief and sorrow to all his fans.”

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