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What Happened to Brooklyn Drill Rapper? Is Nas Blixky Dead?


Is Nas Blixky Dead? The good news is that the rapper is still alive, and the bad news is he’s in critical condition. According to sources, rapper Blixky was shot in his head and is in critical condition, but that’s not all. Stay with us.

Over the past few years, the rapper has built a solid buzz. Nas Blixky is becoming a star on Youtube. He has released his music videos on the internet for over five years. Noted, Nicky Blixky, a rapper he was associated with, was shot and killed on a Sunday night back in May 2020.

According to several sources, the rapper was shot as he dissed an artist named PG-16. Noted, Nas Blixky didn’t release the song, only previewed it, and was allegedly shot as a result.

What Happened to Brooklyn Drill Rapper? Is Nas Blixky Dead?

Suggesting that younger rappers “dumb down” their diss songs, fellow New York artist 22Gz recently spoke on diss records. Another artist named Nas EBK took to the internet and was seen dissing Nas Blixky following the shooting.

HopBlogger tweeted: “Rapper FBG Duck dropped diss track ‘Dead B***hes’ slating slain gang rivals weeks before he was killed in Chicago Rapper Nas Blixky only previewed and didn’t even get to drop his diss PG-16 and got hit with a friend.”

The account tweeted another one after that “The internet detectives have an early lead on the soon to be next case. Nas EBK is already dissing Nas Blixky and attempting to become the quickest case in internet detective history.”

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Is Rapper Nas Blixky Dead?

To answer the question, “Is Nas Blixky Dead?” it needs to be mentioned that the latest updates say that he was shot in Brooklyn a couple of days ago, and the shot wasn’t a head shot and he’s not dead.

There are conflicting reports about him. Some believe that Nas Blixky is shot and are offering prayers, while some say Nas Blixky is dead; however, some believe that his friend has passed away.

This is while some are pouring his passing on social media, sending their condolences to his family as one tweeted: “Ny Drill Artist NasBlixky who was Reportedly Shot In The Head Now Has Sadly Passed Away From His Injuries. Rip. He also previewed a DISS song before his unfortunate demise.”

Some tweets said the exact opposite, sharing that the shot was in his head and he’s sadly passed away, as one wrote: “New York drill rapper #NasBlixky has reportedly passed away after suffering from a gunshot to the head.”

One tweeted: “#nasblixky was shot in Brooklyn a couple of days ago. It wasn’t a headshot, and he’s not dead. That’s all the details I can say right now but all the blogs saying he’s dead.”

The US Day News wants you to not rely on everything you read from social media and unreliable sources since not a single close source has not confirmed anything yet. Make sure to check back regularly to stay updated on the article.

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