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AKA’s Fiancé Nelli Tembe’s Cause of Death; Suicide or Incident?


A tragic death! It is not confirmed that what is AKA’s fiancé Nelli Tembe’s cause of death? An incident or a suicide? But AKA’s manager, Phumza Nohashe, had confirmed the death news.

Tragic reports have emerged on Sunday, April 10, that Nelli Tembe, the 22-year-old fiancé of world-famous hip hop artist AKA, has died at the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town’s CBD.

Police confirmed that the body of an anonymous young lady was found early on Sunday outside of the popular five-star hotel.

It’s not clear that AKA’s fiancé Nelli Tembe’s cause of death at 22 is whether an incident or suicide attempt.

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson said that police are investigating the incident but were not at liberty to provide further details on how exactly she was killed.

Efi Ella, Pepperclub Hotel general manager, said that he could not confirm reports that Tembe had jumped from one of the building’s upper floors.

Eyewitnesses said they heard “shouting and a ‘loud doof’ sound” and said they had heard a man “calling security and crying.”

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AKA’s Fiancé Nelli Tembe’s Cause of Death

However, there are some reports saying that the death was being investigated as a suicide; after falling from the 10th floor of Cape Town hotel.

USdayNews doesn’t confirm or refuse this reason for his death, and we are waiting for more official information, so stay with us.

“Cape Town Central police are investigating an inquest case after an incident at a hotel this morning at about 7.45 am on the corners of Loop and Bloem streets, Cape Town CBD, where the body of a 22-year-old woman was found deceased,” Van Wyk said.

He also added investigators are still on the scene searching the area for clues.

AKA's girlfriend Nelli Tembe died at 22

Shawn Herbst, the Netcare 911 spokesperson, said: “She was in a critical condition and they started a full life-support resuscitation. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe and she was declared deceased.”

He also added that she had sustained polytraumatic injuries.

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Nelli Tembe and AKA’s Relationship

AKA had posted some pics on Saturday night from a Cape Town nightclub. The two were at the hotel as part of the celebrations for one of the musician’s friends.

It is reported that Nellie was “suffering from depression. Nellie’s video was circulated showing her attempting to jump off a Hilton Hotel in November last year.

The couple had engaged only two months ago in February 2021, with the rapper describing Tembe as “the love of my life.”

The rapper had broken the news of the engagement on Instagram, writing: “21/02/21 – love of my life said Yesssss.”

The pair had been sharing special moments on their social media pages over the last year.

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