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Real Story behind Nick Zedd’s Cause of Death at 63


It’s with profound sadness and a heavy heart we inform you the legendary filmmaker and author Nick Zedd has passed away at 63. Nick Zedd’s cause of death was revealed after his death on February 27, 2022.

Real Story behind Nick Zedd's Cause of Death at 63

Zedd passed away in hospital from complications from cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and Hepatitis C. Nick was survived by his partner of 15 years, Monica Casanova, and his son and a step-daughter.

Robin Rimbaud shared the heartbreaking news with fans on Twitter, writing, “Farewell to American filmmaker Nick Zedd (1958-2022), who spearheaded the ‘Cinema of Transgression’ movement in the 1980s, edited the Underground Film Bulletin, and joined the dots between Kembra Pfahler, Richard Kern, Tessa Hughes Freeland, Lung Leg and Lydia Lunch.”

In 1985, he coined the term Cinema of Transgression to describe a loose-knit group of like-minded filmmakers using shock value and black humor in their work.

These filmmaker’s collaborators included Lung Leg, Kembra Pfahler, Richard Kern, Tessa Hughes Freeland, Tommy Turner, and Lydia Lunch.

Under numerous pen names, Nick edited and wrote the Underground Film Bulletin which publicized the work of these filmmakers and artists. The Cinema of Transgression was explored in Jack Sargeant‘s book Deathtripping (Creation Books).

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Nick Zedd’s Cause of Death Revealed

Nick Zedd’s cause of death was reported as complications from cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and Hepatitis C.

Nick directed several super-low-budget feature-length movies, including War Is Menstrual Envy, They Eat Scum, Geek Maggot Bingo, and numerous short films.

With Rev. Jen Miller, Zedd was a co-creator of the public access series Electra Elf, featuring Faceboy, Miller, Andrew J. Lederer, and a “who’s who” of NY downtown artists and performers.

Zedd served as director of photography on another TV series called Chop Chop, produced by Nate Hill.

Additionally, he acted in such low-budget movies as the Super-8 film The Manhattan Love Suicides, What About Me’, Bubblegum, Jonas in the Desert, Troma Films’ Terror Firmer, and Thus Spake Zarathustra.

He also was the author of two autobiographical books, Bleed (1992) and Totem of the Depraved (1996), as well as the novel From Entropy to Ecstasy (1996).

In the 1980s, he published 10 issues of the Underground Film Bulletin, a zine planned to promote the Cinema of Transgression. Issue 4 contained the Cinema of Transgression Manifesto, which was published in The Theory of Xenomorphosis.

Real Story behind Nick Zedd's Cause of Death at 63
Image Source: Twitter

In the early 1990s, Nick toured with Lisa Crystal Carver‘s Suckdog Circus, exhibiting his films. In 2000, he released the “Consume and Die” 7″ single on Rubric Records.

Shortly after exhibiting oil paintings in 2010 at the ADA and Pendu galleries, Zedd presented a major retrospective of videos, films, and paintings at the Microscope Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn before moving to Mexico in March 2011.

In 2012, Zedd attended a retrospective of his films at the eighth Berlin International Director’s Lounge and displayed work at the Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art in the same city.

In 2013, he published “The Extremist Manifesto”, an essay denouncing contemporary art while announcing the emergence of the Extremist Art movement in Mexico City, Mexico, which sought to devalue the edicts of established art institutions and curatorial ideologues.

In 2014, Nick exhibited three motion pictures at the Museum of Modern Art as part of a retrospective of films by director Christoph Schlingensief, who, prior to his passing, had cited Zedd as a major influence on his work.

Later in 2014, he presented his first public exhibition of paintings in Mexico City, in a show curated by Aldo Flores at Salon des Aztecas Gallery in Coyoacán.

In 2015, the filmmaker presented his first one-man show of paintings at the V&S Galery in Mexico City. He also shot an 8mm short entitled Paradise Lost with a borrowed Russian camera with contributions from underground filmmakers from many countries.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these challenging days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him.

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Reactions to Nick Zedd’s Death

Many of Nick Zedd’s friends and fans flooded social media with tribute messages. Many fans also took to Twitter to pay touching tributes to him.

Will Sloan tweeted: “According to his Instagram, the great underground filmmaker Nick Zedd passed away. He wrote the manifesto for the “Cinema of Transgression” and this is a good intro to that world.”

“According to Instagram, underground filmmaker and creator of the cinema of transgression Nick Zedd passed away in Mexico last night. He’s been having health issues the past few weeks and his family had recently set up a GoFundMe for expenses,” Don Swaynos wrote.

“In addition to making films, Zedd also wrote, edited, and illustrated the legendary ‘Underground Film Bulletin’ using the pseudonym Orion Jeriko, so he could publish “interviews” with himself and seemingly unbiased reviews of his own films,” he added.

Real Story behind Nick Zedd's Cause of Death at 63
Image Source: Facebook

“Extremely sad to hear of Nick Zedd’s passing. The real deal. His work (along with Kern, Lunch, Wojnarowicz, Dick, etc) is a necessary station for anyone with even half an interest in what lies beyond the gated enclaves of boundaried taste. A mad genius of the cinema,” one fan wrote.

Lee Rosenbloom wrote: “R.I.P. to my good friend Nick Zedd who passed away last night after a long illness in Mexico. We met around 2010 in New York at a Dark Shadows Festival. He was a filmmaker known as the king of Cinema of Transgression. We became fast friends through our love of Dark Shadows and film.

He continued: “He had always wanted to meet actress Lara Parker from Dark Shadows and was happy to introduce him and his family and take a few pictures together. He asked me to become his sons godparent which I said yes to right away. My deepest sympathy to his wife Monica Casanova, son Zerak and stepdaughter Amanita.”

Hal Kelly wrote on Facebook: “Sorry to hear that Nick Zedd died this morning in Mexico City after a long illness. I remember meeting Zedd when they tried to screen a bunch of his movies in the back room of the Rivoli in the eighties.”

“Unfortunatly The Torono Star ran an article on the event earlier in the week which alerted the censorship happy police who showed up and put an end to that. The screening still ended up happening at a space in the Spadina & College area sans police interference,” Kelly added.

“I just heard the unexpected, very sad news that Nick Zedd passed away this morning. While all of my subsequent interactions with him were virtual, the one time I met him in person within the first few seconds of meeting, he offered me half of his sandwich. He struck me as a genuine, kind-hearted fella, and I loved his work a hell of a lot.RIP Nick,” Jesse Richards wrote.

One fan wrote on Facebook: “Sad to learn of Nick Zedd’s passing. One of my favorite filmmakers and a big influence on me artistically. Check out is work if you haven’t, the police state, war is menstrual envy, and Tom Thumb in the land of the giants are my top picks. Satani-Kill was heavily inspired by war is menstrual envy. R.I.P Nick.”

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  1. Bloody F. Mess February 27, 2022

    Nick producex/filmed my 2018 ” Skeletons ” music video. He was a guest on my radio show. He was my friend.
    Rest in peace brother.
    Love, Bloody F. Mess
    Email [email protected]

    1. US day News February 28, 2022

      We lost a true legend. Wishing you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow

  2. Carolyn Payne February 27, 2022

    Nick Zedd was the epitome of everything I loved about New York. This is a sad day. Rest in peace my friend.

    1. US day News February 28, 2022

      Unfortunatly another part of NYC we loved gone. May he rest in peace.

  3. Denise February 27, 2022

    Nick was one of my best friends. I would go to NY and see him and his wife. We would talk on messenger frequently. He was brilliant, funny and underneath everything he was simply a nice guy. I hope you will remember as the unique person he was.

    1. US day News February 28, 2022

      Our sincerest condolences to you at this time. You were lucky to meet him. Our hearts go out to you at this difficult time.


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