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Rumor of Anime Industry Legend Osamu Kobayashi’s Cause of Death


So sad to announce that brilliant creative voice in the anime industry Osamu Kobayashi’s cause of death is still unknown after he reportedly passed away today (April 17) at the age of 57. Rest in power.

Social media users widely reacted to the heartbreaking news that sources are beginning to report, however they have no more information at this time.

Osamu Kobayashi (dir. BECK and Paradise Kiss) was a brilliant animator, illustrator, mechanical designer, and animation director primarily famous for his work on episode 4 of Gurren Lagann as well as, most recently, episode 15 of Dororo (2019 TV series).

So sad to announce that brilliant creative voice in the anime industry Osamu Kobayashi's cause of death is still unknown

Beloved Osamu, occasionally rendered in full katakana to differentiate from Osamu Kobayashi, was an unrelated anime episode director that could easily catch the attention of even the most casual of watchers.

US day News can not confirm whether Osamu Kobayashi is dead or this story is just a rumor; therefore can not say for sure he is alive too. This is a developing story.

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Does Cancer Become Osamu Kobayashi’s Cause of Death

While there is no official report about Osamu Kobayashi’s death at this time, users on social media believe he suddenly died of cancer; we are working to find further information and provide the latest update, stay up with us.

Born on Jan 10, 1964, Osamu Kobayashi graduated from high school and then started working as a designer and manga artist, although, in recent years, he had been most active in the field of animation, after his participation in Grandia.

He originally directed avant-garde shorts and music videos for Studio 4°C and had more recently done two TV series for Madhouse Studios.

Reactions to Death of Osamu Kobayashi

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts. However, fans remember memories, and their idols are alive in their mind even after death. Also, the death of Osamu Kobayashi has caused a lot of friends, family, and fans so much hurt.

Soon after the heartbreaking news, many of his friends and fans expressed their sadness by sharing their tributes on social media:

A user wrote, “I’m reading people reacting to the news that Osamu Kobayashi, director of BECK, has passed away due to cancer. Not seen any official source, but if true, this is extremely sad. He is young, and I often saw him cycling around town. He introduced me to Yoshiyuki Sadamoto once.”

Another claimed that the legend Osamu Kobayashi died from cancer.

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