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Car Crash Stands Behind Paul Whisky’s Cause of Sudden Death


Our hearts are filled with sorrow after the passing of Paul Dibello was revealed on June 4, 2022. Paul Whisky’s cause of death is reported as a car crash and is still under investigation. He died at 34.

It must be noted that the US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. If you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

The social media figure grew up in Pasadena. He attracted much attention to himself as a figure in Houston’s nightlife scene as a club promoter.

It’s told that in the past year, as a salesman at Exclusive Furniture on the southeast side of town, he had spent more time devoted to his full-time job.

For those who may not have enough information about him, Paul was known to be the most popular social figure mostly for his social media presence.

He had gained over 200,000 Instagram followers with a page full of funny, short videos, most of them lately from his job at the furniture store.

Noted, Paul had shared similar videos on TikTok and Facebook as well, where he was followed by almost 100,000 fans and friends.

For those who may wonder, Mr. Dibella often punctuated his videos with his signature catchphrase, “Whisky Sauce!”

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Story Behind Paul Whisky’s Cause of Death

About Paul Whisky’s cause of death, it was shared with the public that Mr. Dibella died in a car crash early Saturday morning at the age of 34.

Isiah Carey FOX 26 announced the tragic news on his Facebook account. He wrote that he got the news from Sam Zavary who is the owner of Exclusive Furniture, and confirmed that his employee Paul Whisky has died.

The owner of Exclusive Furniture shared that our beloved social media figure was killed in a car crash overnight. He added at the end: “Zavary, who was heartbroken when I spoke to him Saturday afternoon, said Paul was loved by so many and will be missed.”

Zavary stated and told Mr. Carey that there has been no official cause of the accident released as of yet.

Isiah Carey tweeted: “Sam Zavary, owner of Exclusive Furniture, confirms his employee Paul Whisky has died. Zavary says Paul, whose real last name is Dibello, died in a car crash overnight. The 34-year-old was extremely popular on social media where he had thousands of followers.”

A fan wrote: “RIP to someone who always made you laugh. Always a good time with you! You will be truly missed by everyone Paul Whisky❤️🥺”

Matt Young commented: “RIP to Paul Whisky, one of the funniest guys you’d ever meet. Saw him at the Astros home opener in April, and it seemed like he was everybody’s friend as he walked through the concourse with people yelling out his signature tagline, Whisky Sauce!”

A fan expressed: “Rest in paradise Paul “Whiskey” Dibello, just a really good soul to the south of Houston that made people laugh and smile wherever he went. Much love and condolences to his family.”

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