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Behind Shadows Broadcaster Peter Silverman’s Cause of Death


Fans are asking about the beloved Canadian broadcaster Peter Silverman’s cause of death after he reportedly passed away on Thursday, October 7, 2021, at the age of 90.

The broadcast journalist Mr. Silverman began his career as a reporter for Global Television Network. After a while, he planned to move to Citytv, becoming a reporter for that station’s CityPulse news program.

He was the host of Silverman Helps, an ombudsman-type feature for consumers, which ended in June 2008 when he was dismissed without cause by Citytv’s owner, Rogers Media.

The Canadian journalist became a member of the Toronto radio station CFRB, playing the role of a host in the Peter Silverman Show, a Saturday morning radio show.

Mr. Silverman also achieved a Ph.D. in the History University of Toronto as well as a Diploma in Native Law and Administration from the University of Cape Town.

He has successfully published two books on child welfare, and child protection in Canada, named Who Speaks for the Children? and Voices of a Lost Generation.

Mr. Silverman has authored multiple academic publications, including the Journal of the United Services Institution, The Globe and Mail, Razor Magazine, and the online World Security Network.

Fortunately, he’ll be remembered as a talented and kind-hearted person. Write your condolence for us as it will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times.

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Untold Story Behind Peter Silverman’s Cause of Death

Peter Silverman’s cause of death has not been clarified; however, make sure to check back the US Day News regularly for the latest updates and be the first to know.

We learned the tragic news from a tweet by Cristina Tenaglia, writing: “Peter Silverman was an incredible person, broadcaster, and former @CityNews ombudsman.”

She tweeted: “Who in his off hours worked to help people whose stories he knew we couldn’t get to the air. He was 90 years old. He’s married to his amazing wife, who I call Mama, for an app. 50 years.”

She wrote her dear friend, first boss, longtime broadcaster Peter Silverman passed overnight. She shared that she visited him in August, where they chatted.

Christina said that at times his memory waned; however, she knew he remembered her when he said: “Cristina Tenaglia, you’re a wonderful woman, but you drive us **** crazy sometimes.”

Cynthia Mulligan replied: “I know how close you were to him, Cristina. Peter had such a big heart, and whenever anyone in the newsroom had a baby, he would arrive at their door with a beautiful gift for them. I always loved working with him; he was one of a kind.”

Reactions to Peter Silverman’s Death:

Jee-Yun Lee referred to the longtime broadcaster Peter Silverman as a person who would always have your back. He fought for the good guys & told the bad ones to “watch it, buddy.”

It’s written: “As the consumer reporter for @CityNews, Peter, his team, including @cristina_CP24 & I, shared an office. He was a great friend & mentor. RIP Peter.”

Mackay Taggart tweeted: “Sad to learn about the death of Toronto broadcasting great Peter Silverman. Peter was one of the early @GlobalNews reporters when our network went to air in 1974. Thinking of his family, friends, and colleagues here at Global and at @CityNews where his storied career continued.”

One commented after: “I watched CityPulse every night. Every. Night. I love local news, and Peter Silverman, Mark Daily, Jojo Chintoh, and many great people were the storytellers I looked to early. RIP Peter. If someone could bring back a Silverman Helps-Esque segment, I’d be grateful.”

A fan shared: “Sad news. Anybody living in Toronto in the past 40 years or so knew about and loved watching Peter Silverman. This tweet from Cristina brought back a flood of memories. Condolences to his family.”

Ellen Roseman expressed as well: “I’m sorry to hear this news. Peter Silverman was a pioneering consumer advocacy journalist on @City_tv and kept up the fight in other ways after he left (not by choice). A role model for the rest of us who followed. RIP.”

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