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Piero Angela’s Sudden Death at 93; Gone But Never be Forgotten


The world is on morn for Piero Angela’s unexpected death on August 13, 2022. The legend served for many years as a television host, science journalist, writer, and pianist.

Please keep his family and friends in your prayer.

It must be noted that US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. If you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

Mr. Angela began as a radio reporter, made his career way to a foreign correspondent, and established himself as the host of the Rai newscast.

He gained fame for being the creator and presenter of broadcasting programs modeled on BBC and David Attenborough documentaries, to whom he has been often compared.

He attracted much attention to himself for his science journalism published in numerous publications.

The world is on mourn for Piero Angela's unexpected death

The legendary host also write thirty-three books, most of which turned out to be a great success as they:

  1. sold over three million copies,
  2. received many honorary degrees
  3. made over sixty documentaries
  4. hundreds of television episodes
  5. won seven Telegattos 
  6. eight times won the national television directing award

When he was seven years old, he started taking private piano lessons. Later on, he developed an interest in jazz music. Piero played in various jam sessions in Turin jazz clubs using the name Peter Angela by 1948.

He was noticed by the then-young entrepreneur Sergio Bernardini in 1948. Bernardini invited Piero to play on the opening night of the Capannina in Viareggio.

Mr. Angela formed with drummer Franco Mondini and various double bass players a jazz trio by the early fifties. The trio was often joined by soloists, such as:

  • Nini Rosso, 
  • Franco Pisano, 
  • Nunzio Rotondo,
  • The former cornetist of Duke Ellington, Rex Stewart

About his journalism career, Angela began collaborating on a program on the history of Jazz for RAI at the end of 1951. He put a pause on playing music by 1952 as he started to work full-time as a journalist.

Might be a surprise to know that Mr. Angela has spent nine years in Paris, four years in Brussels as a correspondent, and toured America as a correspondent for RAI.

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World Mourns Piero Angela’s Death

Piero Angela’s death occurred on Saturday at age 93. His son Alberto announced and confirmed the news on Twitter with the simple message: “Buon viaggio papà.”

The president send his condolences to Angela’s family and underlined his “great sorrow” at the loss of “a great Italian to whom the republic is grateful”.

Angela nearly died from pneumonia at the age of one. He had a broken leg reconstructed without anesthesia several years later.

Also, he underwent an appendicitis operation when he was 12 years old; It’s told that the surgery went on for two and a half hours due to complications.

Angela has been described as a refined intellectual, journalist, and writer who has shaped the history of television in Italy in an unforgettable way.

He was seen as the kind of person who brought ever wider audiences closer to the world of culture and science by promoting its diffusion in an authoritative and engaging way.

Please Leave Your Comments, Thoughts, and Condolences For Us Right Below

Piero Angela’s Bio; There Are More to Know

Mr. Angela was known to be one of the founders of CICAP in 1989, a scientific committee to promote scientific education and critical thinking, and is devoted to the verification of allegedly scientific disciplines such as parapsychology.

He left RAI newscast with the idea of making longer more detailed programs in 1969: “I realized that what really interested me was doing not deal with ten news items a day, but the news for a year”.

He has earned multiple honorary degrees, such as:

  • Honorary degree in Natural Sciences – University of Camerino, 26 January 1988
  • Honorary degree in Biological Sciences – University of Palermo, Palermo 30 June 2001
  • Honorary degree in Physics – University of Turin, Turin 23 June 2003
  • Honorary degree – American University of Rome, Rome
  • Diploma honoris causa in Piano – International Piano Academy “Incontri da maestro”, Imola

A slogan of the association, “We must always have an open mind, but not so open that the brain falls to the ground”, has become a phrase frequently attributed to Angela, although in reality it is attributed to many people.

The legend received so many awards, including:

  • Angela has received many honorary degrees. In addition to numerous awards in Italy and abroad,
    He received the Kalinga Award for scientific dissemination by UNESCO in 1993 & the gold medal for the culture of the Italian Republic in 2002
  • He received seven telegatti, of which one oversaw his entire career – awarded on 22 January 2008.
  • The asteroid 7197 discovered by astronomers Andrea Boattini and Maura Tombelli bears his name: Pieroangela.
  • Padua, a city linked to Galileo, recognized its honorary citizenship for its “contribution of excellence given to scientific dissemination”.

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