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Cancer Is Under The Blame for Ralph Eggleston’s Cause of Death


Born on October 18, 1965, the American animator left this world behind on August 29, 2022. Gaining fame as the director of the short film For the Birds, Ralph Eggleston’s cause of death is reported as cancer.

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The talented and hard-worker Ralph was not only an animator but also an art director, storyboard artist, writer, and film director, who was working as a production designer at Pixar Animation Studios.

Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Eggleston started his career at Pixar back in 1992. Being hired by Pixar in 1992, he began to work right during the development of Toy Story, his work for which he received the Annie Award for the Best Art Direction.

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Eggleston wrote and directed For the Birds which is now considered to be the Oscar-winning Pixar short film. He served well as a Production Designer on the memorable film Inside Out for six years; this film earned the Annie Award for Best Production Design.

Putting those aside, beloved Ralph scored:

  • Outstanding Production Design in an Animated Feature for Finding Nemo in 2004
  • Outstanding Achievement in Production Design in an Animated Feature Production for Inside Out in 2015
  • The Winsor McCay Award for lifetime achievement in 2016

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Ralph Eggleston’s Cause of Death Due to Cancer

According to sources, pancreatic cancer stands behind Ralph Eggleston’s cause of death. The legend passed away at the age of 56. His last credited project was on 2020’s Soul.

Pixar’s signature art direction and styles for many of their iconic projects and earlier works would not be what they were without his art design and influence.

“I think when you watch it, on your screen, you’re going to be kind of immersed in that color and the beauty of the environment It’s just really something that really pops out. It was something to see. And that’s of course, Ralph Eggleston our art director, who went on to do Toy Story and Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. He was the guy behind all that. And you can see a genius at work when you watch FernGully.”

Said Director Bill Kroyer

Besides being an Annie Award winner as art director on the original Toy Story, and would go on to be an artist, animator, and art director on numerous Pixar films including:

  •  Monsters, Inc., 
  • Finding Nemo, 
  • Wall-E,
  • Inside Out,
  • an art director for Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, 
  • Aladdin, 
  • The Lion King,
  • Pocahontas,

Since the tragic news has come out, fans and friends have been sending their sympathies and condolences through social media.

Peter Sagal tribute: “My condolences to all at Pixar, past, and present, on the loss of Ralph Eggleston. His passion and talent were obvious to even those of us who didn’t know him.”

cartoonbrew.com – Animation News announced: “RIP, Ralph Eggleston, who has died from pancreatic cancer at 56. He won an Oscar for his short ‘For the Birds,’ but that doesn’t even begin to describe his legacy. Pixar films look the way they do in large part because of him. A cornerstone of that company. Full obit to come.”

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