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Did Menacide Die at 44? Rapper’s Cause of Death Reported


Unfortunately, the 44-year-old hip-hop veteran Menacide’s death news is released. It is not confirmed that did rapper Menacide die, or this is a rumor. The hip-hop star is reportedly passed away on Sunday, September 19, 2021.

Michigan veteran emcee Menacide reportedly died of a health problem. He was battling health issues related to his heart for a long time.

Menacide died at the age of 44
The rapper Menacide reportedly passed away due to health problems

US day News doesn’t confirm or refuse this reason for his death, but we are waiting for more official information, so stay with us.

Rapper Mencaide started out as an emcee in 1993, and in 2001, after releasing his acclaimed EP “In My World,” he became largely known across the underground hip-hop scene. The release of the EP caught attention from different magazines, and many started writing articles about Menacide.

The hip-hop star quickly achieved respect from hip-hop heavyweights Proof (D-12), Prozak, and King Gordy. From then, Mencaide’s name added to the history of Michigan hip-hop and beyond.

Menacide’s hip-hop super-groups Michigan Millita and Heavy Hittaz brought new life for the hip-hop style through their lyrical genius gutterness.

Menacide’s final double LP “Reign Supreme” (Book One and Book Two) contained Proof of D-12′s last recorded vocal performance via the “Livin’ Proof” single. Above all, the double LP continued to showcase Mencaide’s influential hip-hop skills at his absolute best.

After a brief break, the rapper returned to the underground hip-hop in 2018 to pay homage to his horrorcore roots by releasing the short retro throwback cassette tape release “Murda One.”

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Reactions to Rapper Menacide’s Death

The rapper Menacide’s death news brings the wicked underground scene in complete darkness and painful sorrow. Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites following this tragic news.

Rapper Menacide has reportedly died at 44

An online user wrote: “Wow. Terrible news. Total innovator and underground legend. Really did a lot to hold down the horrorcore community for a long time.” Another tweeted: “Man, whoever gave the grim reaper a Bang energy, can y’all stop, we need people to stop dying for 5 minutes. RIP Menacide, sending all the love and support to his family right now.”

A fan wrote on Twitter: “Menacide was one of the first artists I found when I got into the wicked underground/horrorcore scene. Dude could rap his ass off, and “The Drugz LP” is a classic.”

Please kindly scroll down and use the comment box to share your feelings about the heartbreaking news for tributes and prayers. The family needs privacy; please respect them during this difficult time.

We are eagerly waiting to get your words if you have more information. More information will be updated as we receive it.

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To get new information, please “Refresh” the page.

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  1. Derek cope September 20, 2021

    Menecide was my blood cousin…he started rapping in family gatherings and in front rooms….I’ll never forget it. We all knew he was going to do big things. The underground rap scene will forever be changed because of him. Rip cuz

    1. US day News September 21, 2021

      We are so sorry about the loss of your cousin, Menacide. We never forget him and he is always in our heart. He will rest in paradise.

  2. This is momma Menacide. Yes I was by his side when he took his last breath. He is the love of my life and I will never be the same. Pray for his children ❤️

    1. US day News September 21, 2021

      So sorry for your loss. We are all heartbroken about Menacide’s death. Our prayers are with his family. May he rest in paradise.

  3. Kelly Havens September 21, 2021

    MENA you are deeply missed you are the king of the underground 👑💔💔💔😭😭 you will forever Reign supreme and forever be our Mudra mitten menace we love you Menacide aka Shawn w Larson . Love Kells aka Brat


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