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Cycling Journalist Richard Moore’s Death Cause is Still Untold


Cycling journalist, podcaster, and author Richard Moore sadly passed away on Monday, March 28, 2022, but details of Richard Moore’s cause of death have not been announced at this time.

The Scottish former racing cyclist had written for cycling magazines and newspapers for many years and also worked on some of cycling’s best-received books of the last two decades.

Cycling Journalist Richard Moore's Death Cause is Still Untold

He performed well across the domestic scene, representing both Scotland and Great Britain, most memorably at the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

One of his most successful ventures was The Cycling Podcast, which Richard founded and presented with fellow broadcasters and journalists Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe.

The Cycling Podcast is considered by many the best English language podcast in the cycling world. The podcast also has a spin-off Spanish edition, a women’s cycling edition, and a tech edition.

Moore also wrote for Cycling Weekly for a number of years, as well as the Sunday Times, Rouleur, Procycling magazine, Cyclingnews, the Guardian, as well as a number of Scottish publications such as The Herald and The Scotsman.

In 2013, he along with colleagues Daniel Friebe and Lionel Birnie co-founded the Cycling Podcast, to cover the 2013 Tour de France. From there The Cycling Podcast grew into an extensive network of audio shows and live events.

His first book, In Search of Robert Millar, won the ‘best biography’ award at the 2008 British Sports Book Awards. Richard’s book, The Dirtiest Race in History: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis, and the Seoul Olympic 100m Final, was nominated for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year.

Richard published seven books and the first one, In Search of Robert Millar, was a biography of the Scottish Tour de France legend. His book, Slaying the Badger, was about the battle between Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault at the 1986 Tour de France, and it later turned into an ESPN documentary. 

During his racing career in the late ‘90s, Richard won four Scottish titles in the junior road race, senior time trial, pursuit, and criterium.

He represented Great Britain in the Tour de Langkawi and then represented Scotland in the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. 

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Richard Moore’s Cause of Death Kept As a Secret

Although Richard Moore’s cause of death has remained a secret to many fans and friends, The Cycling Podcast shared a statement surrounding the journalist’s sudden death on Wednesday morning.

US day News is working to provide more details and collect the latest updates related to Richard Moore’s cause of death, so stay up with us.

“Monday was an unfathomably difficult day. In the morning we received the news that our leader, lynchpin, friend, and brother Richard Moore had passed away. We are all shattered,” The Cycling Podcast team said in a statement that was released on Twitter.

“Before the podcast’s genesis in 2013, Richard had already built one flourishing career as a brilliant, versatile, and prolific author and journalist. His books won awards, his warmth and humor drew friends – an enormous circle of the most diverse personality types spanning sports and continents.

“To us, he was a force of nature, unerring but above all unifying. There can be no consolation today, but the closest thing is knowing that the network of affection and love he knitted will now become an edifice of support for those most deeply affected by this loss,” the team said in the statement.

Cycling Journalist Richard Moore's Death Cause is Still Untold
Image Source: Twitter

They also expressed their deepest sadness about this loss, saying: “The Cycling Podcast would simply never have started without Richard. Our thumbs would still be poised over the record button, frozen in June 2013.”

The Cycling Podcast team added: “He cajoled, drove, supported, and indulged us from the first episode to what will not be the last, released a week ago, for we owe him that and so much more. Driven by his dual passions of cycling and journalism, Richard’s greatest achievement with The Cycling Podcast was not as the life-force behind an innovative media product,”

“It was as the builder, the federal spirit of a family that today comprises dozens of contributors, friends all around the world, and listeners who felt that they became just that – Richard’s friends.

“It will take us some time to process this tragedy, and, mainly for the sake of Richard’s family, we kindly ask for your respect and understanding over the coming days. In due course, it will be our imperative to convey more fully how privileged we feel to have known Richard, and to keep his towering legacy alive,” the statement read.

We extend our deep sympathies to Richard Moore’s family and fans and all of his many colleagues across cycling journalism, especially his friends and colleagues at The Cycling Podcast.

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Reactions to Richard Moore’s Death

The cycling world is shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of Moore, and many friends and fans flooded social media with tribute messages. Many fans also took to Twitter to pay Pigonant tributes to him.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Shocked to hear of the death of Richard Moore. Driving down to collect my son in Gloucestershire, Richard, Lionel, and Daniel would keep me entertained and informed. Condolences to family and friends of the @cycling_podcast.”

“So shocked and saddened to hear Richard Moore has died. I didn’t know him personally, but he was a brilliant cycling journo & podcast host and always seemed like a genuinely decent bloke who was so good-humored,” Niamh Lewis wrote.

Richard Williams wrote: “Desperately sad news about Richard Moore, author, journalist, co-founder of the Cycling Podcast and friend. Can’t believe he’s left us at 49, so suddenly and unexpectedly. Happy memories of coffee and laps of Richmond Park. Profound condolences to Virginie and Maxime.”

“Richard Moore news is so sad man. Obviously a brilliant writer and journalist, but more than that just a lovely, warm voice that’s accompanied me around the world thanks to @cycling_podcast – Sending love to his family, friends, and colleagues x,” another fan tweeted.

“Absolutely gutted to hear the news about Richard Moore. Can’t believe it. Richard was one of the nicest journalists I’ve ever dealt with. Loved cycling so much. Sending lots of love and strength to his friends and family. Horrible news. RIP,” Freelance Sports PR and Media consultant, Pete Maxwell, wrote.

“I am so devastated to hear of the death of Richard Moore. I had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times, & he was just as gentle, thoughtful, funny & genial as he was on air. He used his presence to make room for others more often than take it up – a rare & special thing,” Hannah Nicklin said on Twitter.

She added: “He was at ease with his expertise, and built structures and held spaces for people who participate in sport to tell bigger stories about the world and our place in it. So, so much love to his colleagues, friends, the community, and especially his family at this unimaginable time.”

“Richard Moore was part of the cycling world I know and love. His writing a joy to read and listening to him on @cycling_podcast and other shows again was just a joy. I learned a lot from him about the sport in general, a true authority who will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Sir,” someone wrote.

Do you have any more details due to the heartfelt News? Did you know him or have close relations? Are you a fan or a friend? Please help us write a better, more reliable article by sharing your information with us.

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