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Board Game Cranium Inventor Richard Tait’s Cause of Death


Co-creator of the hit party game Cranium and a well-regarded Seattle entrepreneur, Richard Tait’s cause of death has been released after he lost his life on July 25, 2022, at the age of 58. May he rest in peace

He is famous as the “Grand Poobah” in the Cranium offices; Tait was a resident of Scotland and was a great leader of the company till its 2008 deal with Hasbro for $77.5 million. The cranium was named Game of the Year five times while Tait directed the group.

Tait liked to see and celebrate the “special something” that made each glow, announced Amy Paron, Richard’s fiancee. “Even if you just met him for 15 minutes, you’re gonna feel connected to him,” she stated Monday.

That purpose, to carry out the best in everyone, created the backbone of Cranium, the board game Tait co-created. At work, his detailed planning and unrelenting drive allowed him to pivot ideas into real-life products and grow as an entrepreneur.

While he loved witnessing his ideas come to life, he cherished, even more, the time he spent with pals and family, Paron declared. Beyond the office, he drove his children to dream great and did some dreaming of his own.

The couple created a dream board in their living room, filling it with sticky notes that included vacation ideas and life plans, such as purchasing a second home.

Tait didn’t have basically enough time for all those plans. Tait took his last breath in his Bainbridge Island home from “continued pulmonary complications of COVID-19,” based on the family statement shared on his LinkedIn page.

His heartbroken family recalls him as the power who brought people together.  “He was a fantastic storyteller,” said his first son, Finn Tait. “If he were alive in the medieval times, he’d have been a bard.”

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COVID Became Richard Tait’s Cause of Death

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts, but fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death. Although there is no official report about Nicky Moore’s exact cause of death, some claimed he lost his life due to COVID-19.

Our team does not confirm any rumors about the news, though you can be sure that we are attempting our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; but, do not forget that family privacy should be respected.

Finn Tait recalls how even though his dad wasn’t a big reader, he considered bedtime stories for him and his siblings, called “The Adventures of Thomas Potter Mole,” about a mole investigator.

Amy, who met Tait seven years ago, stated there have been Thanksgiving dinners with her family where the whole room of 20 people would fall quiet, listening to Tait narrate tales. 

“All successful games break the rules, and this one did, too,” Mr. Byrne declared. After the victory of Cranium, their company published many other games and toys, such as the children’s games Cadoo and Cariboo. They marketed the company to Hasbro for $77.5 million.

After the sale, Mr. Tait, a lifelong soccer fan, created a soccer-themed energy drink called Golazo, Spanish for “super goal” — but it did not find the same success as Cranium. He later became an entrepreneur-in-residence at Starbucks before joining the Seattle venture capital fund Valor Siren Ventures.

Besides his son Finn, Tait leaves behind his other son, Deacon, and a daughter, Remy, all from his ex-marriage to Ms. Fries, which finished in divorce; two sisters, Louise Tait and Gillian Heard; his partner and fiancée, Amy Paron; and her daughter, Bella Paron.

As Mr. Tait imagined Cranium, he kicked off drawing pictures of the brain. He saw the game as a method of achieving both right-brained people (creative, intuitive types) and left-brained ones (analytical, logical types).

That is the reason why he called it Cranium. As the box opened up, it was “the game for your whole brain.”

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