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David Bowie’s Guitarist Ricky Gardiner Passed Away


We are saddened to announce that unfortunately, Scottish guitarist, composer, and co-founder of Beggars Opera Ricky Gardiner passed away last night (May 14, 2022) at the age of 73.

May the unforgettable legend rest in heaven and his family and loved ones find peace.

While official sources stayed silent about the heartbreaking news, many social media users are posting about the tragedy; David Bowie News wrote, “Sad to hear that guitarist on David Bowie’s Low album and Iggy pop’s The Idiot, Ricky Gardiner, passed away last night. RIP.”

The famous star entered his first band, “the Vostoks”, at school in 1962, and later he joined “the Kingbees” and “the System”, with whom he founded Beggars Opera in 1969.

Ricky had played in his own outfit with this band, “Beggars Opera“, and additionally with pals David Bowie and Iggy Pop. For late David, he played lead guitar on the 1977 album Low.

The artist additionally worked on Pop’s album Lust for Life the same year: the album included “The Passenger”, considered one of Pop’s best songs, for that Gardiner composed the music. David Buckley, Bowie’s biographer, explained it as being “possessed with one of the greatest riffs of all time”.

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The news came out just days after Andrew Woolfolk’s cause of death was released. He passed away, announced officially on April 26, 2022, at the age of 71, due to a long-term illness.

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No Confirmed Report about How Ricky Gardiner Passed Away?

There is no official report about how did Ricky Gardiner pass away, but some unconfirmed sources claimed he lost his life due to the health problems he recently was suffering from.

In October of that year, Gardiner was chosen by Tony Visconti to play for the pre-recorded support guitarist of Bowie’s show “Heroes” on the BBC’s Top of the Pops. The recording was done at Good Earth Studios in Soho, London alongside Bowie, Visconti, as well as pianist Sean Mayes.

Gardiner impersonated Robert Fripp’s play by using feedback as he had not discovered an EBow had been used: “I was asked to reproduce Robert Fripp’s line”, David told in 2001, “I did not realize at the time that he [Fripp] had used an EBow. I did my best using feedback alone. As we went through the song, my amplifier started dying. As the song finished, so did the amp.”.

Our team does not confirm any rumors about his death, but you can be sure that we are trying our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; but, do not forget that family privacy should be respected.

Since the 1970s he had played and composed in a mixture of music styles, such as ambient, classical, and rock.

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In 2017 photographs Gardiner captured at the Château d’Hérouville, in the making of David Bowie’s Low album in 1977, was contained in a hardcover book that accompanied the vinyl and CD box set of A New Career in a New Town, as well as photos by:

  • Anton Corbijn
  • Helmut Newton
  • Andrew Kent
  • Steve Shapiro
  • Duffy

The beloved man told he suffered from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which he thought he contracted through vulnerability to high levels of computer radiation and magnetic fields.

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