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Was Ryan Channing’s Cause of Sudden Death Due to COVID-19?


We were informed on May 11, 2022, that the skincare entrepreneur who was an ex-partner of Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe had passed away. It’s believed that Ryan Channing’s cause of death was due to health issues.

Must be noted that the US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. Just in case you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

Born in 1990, in Sydney, Ryan Channing was a successful Skintrepeneur and web star. The popular American model and creator of the skincare brand Blaq attracted much attention as the ex-boyfriend of Ian Thorpe.

They split in 2019 after considering having a child together, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Ryan shared he was filming a pilot for a new reality TV show, called The Skintrepeneurs, with Netflix in LA in July last year.

His brother, Jake, confirmed Ryan Channing's cause of death wasn’t related to this virus.

The 39-year-old Thorpe dated Channing for four years. He’s known to be Thorpe’s first public boyfriend after he came out as gay. Before breaking up, Channing once shared that becoming parents is something that they both would love to make happen.

What stands in their way was that the laws in Australia are difficult for same-sex males in regards to surrogacy as California state law has really progressed in this space which makes it the best option legally.

He expressed: Something I would love to see progress further in Australia so same-sex couples don’t have to travel abroad to achieve their family goals.” It took almost a year after their split when Channing revealed he was engaged to engineer Leevon Baptiste.

For those who may wonder, Ryan had an estimated net worth of $10 million. As it’s told, he was trained as a lawyer before becoming a model. Also, he campaigned for marriage equality in Australia with Thorpe. 

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Behind Shadows Ryan Channing’s Cause of Death at 32

The founder of the company The Blaq Group’s last post on Instagram is proof that shows, the businessman had been diagnosed and hospitalized with Covid at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital. This is while his brother, Jake, confirmed Ryan Channing’s cause of death wasn’t related to this virus.

It’s believed that the cause was due to health issues besides Covid-19, according to one of his friends. When Ryan shared he was diagnosed with Covid, he posted a photo and captioned it: “Covid got me GEWD. 🦠 Thanks to the amazing nurses at @stvincentshospitalsydney 🙏”

His brother, Jake, confirmed Ryan Channing's cause of death wasn’t related to this virus.

His brother Jake confirmed the news by sharing a statement: “Seeing as the news headlines beat my whole family to posting about this unfortunate time in our lives, it’s with a heavy heart I announce that my brother Ryan has recently passed away on Sunday the 8th of May at 32 years of age.”

He added: “As we seek answers and try to come to terms with the heartbreaking loss of my beautiful big brother, we ask for your prayers, support, and privacy, he will be forever loved, never forgotten, and forever young. To my big brother, I love you, I’ll see you one day soon you’ll be missed more than you know.”

Tasha Cherie commented: “Aww Jake this heartbreaking news is so devastating to hear. I’m sending my love to you and your family. I’m so sorry for your loss of such an amazing brother 😭❤️ You are all in my prayers 🕊”

Melissa Hoyer tweeted: “RyanChanning: an incredibly great guy who was w. Ian Thorpe for many years – & remained good friends after their split. Ryan had developed a successful men’s skincare line & last time we spoke – pre-Covid – was in a happy relationship. Too young. RIP.”

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  1. Andrea Kornhauser May 13, 2022

    suicide due to long standing mental health issues (not physical health issues)

    1. US day News May 13, 2022

      Dear Kornhauser.
      Thank you for informing us. It’s appreciated. We will search about it and update the article if required.


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