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Rumors Claim All Blacks Star Sean Wainui’s Suicide Caused His Death


There are many rumors claiming that New Zealand rugby union player Sean Wainui’s suicide caused his death on October 18, 2021, at the young age of 25. May he rest in peace.

On Tuesday, the coroner Louella Dunn confirmed that the death following a vehicle accident is probably a suspected suicide. Sean Wainui leaves behind his wife Paige and their two children.

The heartbreaking news was first confirmed in a post to social media by his wife Paige, writing, “I don’t have the words right now or could begin to describe the feeling of losing you baby all I know is I don’t wish this on anyone.”

She then added as a heartwarming tribute, saying, “I’m in absolute pieces and in so much pain knowing my whole other half to me has left this earth … but I will forever celebrate you my love for being the most amazing and incredible husband and father you were and the special years we got to spend together on this earth.”

The young star lost his life on Monday, October 18, in what police described as a single-vehicle accident. Authorities reported that the Super Rugby player’s car hit a tree at McLaren Falls Park near Tauranga on the North Island.

Sean was one of the great stars in Super Rugby, appearing in his first game in the competition for the Crusaders in 2016 before entering the Chiefs in 2018. The center and occasional winger starred in 44 appearances for the Hamilton-based club, scoring 90 points. He also signed for the NPC team Bay of Plenty in May for the 2021 provincial rugby season.

Today we lost another famous figure; Comedian Huey Haha’s cause of death is still unknown, but you can read more detail about his passing and related subjects in the link.

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Did Sean Wainui’s Suicide Become his Cause of Death?

Sean Wainui’s suicide has not been confirmed at this time, although the death of Māori All Blacks is being investigated as a suspected suicide. He was farewelled on Sunday at Te Wainui Marae in Gisborne.

However, US day News does not confirm any rumors; our team is trying to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible. Nevertheless, family privacy should be respected at this difficult time.

This morning Coroner Louella Dunn confirmed to the Herald that his death “is being treated as a suspected suicide”. She has made interim suppression orders around the circumstances of Wainui’s death, meaning more details cannot be revealed at this stage.

Our team offers its deepest sympathies to his family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these challenging days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him.

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The late star’s wife continued in her statement, “But I will forever celebrate you, my love, for being the most amazing and incredible husband and father you were and the special years we got to spend together on this earth. I’m going to cherish these forever. We were soul mates. You were the most beautiful person on this earth with so much mana and character who treated me like an absolute queen. Our love was love very few get to feel in this lifetime, a love I never thought I would be able to find, but thanks to you, I did.”

There are many rumors claiming that New Zealand rugby union player Sean Wainu's suicide caused

Wainui came at the center of the spotlight earlier this year when he became the first Super Rugby player to score five tries in a single match in the Chiefs’ one-sided victory against the Waratahs in Sydney.

In a statement last week, New Zealand Rugby announced it was a “dark day” for the game. “Our thoughts are with Sean and his whānau [family], particularly Paige, Kawariki, and Arahia, and we offer them our full support at what is the most difficult of times,” NZR chief executive Mark Robinson said.

“We know Sean’s passing will be felt deeply by everyone involved in rugby, particularly his Bay of Plenty and Chiefs teammates, and we share their sorrow and their shock.”

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  1. Marleen November 1, 2021

    I don’t believe he committed suicide. The last thing he said to his wife I love you and see you soon. Maybe he was murdered

  2. Bryar Inwood July 5, 2023

    You had the X Factor of a true Maori Warrior for Rugby league Shaun and took your Wainui Spirit to the highest level and made the World
    realise that too, you shook the earth of the World and NZ, you gave young boys the inspiration and the Mana of your Tenacity and Dedication to what your True Passion beleived for, thank God your DREAM was fulfilled to be a “Maori All Black” but sadly it was at such a
    young age that we had to say goodbye to you after that and with WINGS the Angels caught your FALL and took you to your heavenly home
    to the Father who empowered your earthly purpose!!! We won’t REALLY know the liguistics of it all, but can only say Thank You True and Real Lion of Judah, you will always be remembered and the World loved you Too!!!


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