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MMA Star Shalie Lipp’s Tragic Death at 21 Breaks Hearts


Rising MMA fighter Shalie Lipp’s accident led to her death at the young age of 21. She died in a two-vehicle accident on Interstate 94 in Minnesota on Sunday morning.

The 21-year-old MMA fighter was one of two passengers riding in a Chevy Malibu when it “made contact” with a Jeep Cherokee carrying three passengers on Red River Bridge in Moorhead around 11:30 a.m.

Shalie was the only person in the accident not wearing a seat belt. The reports stated that the vehicle she was riding in was driven by 35-year-old Joseph Trottier of West Fargo.

MMA Star Shalie Lipp's Tragic Death at 21 Breaks Hearts

The passengers in the other vehicle were not injured. The crash remains under investigation.

The interstate was temporarily closed on Sunday as officers cleared the scene. Her last fight in was Thailand on April 26, 2023, according to her Instagram.

The star was scheduled to fight Natalie Gage at No Mercy 11, which will take place on May 20, 2023, at Kent Freeman Arena in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

“My heart is absolutely broken,” Lipp’s coach, Eric Sweeney, wrote on social media.

Sweeney continued: “You were such a wonderful human, full of promise and drive. One of the few people I’ve ever met that was truly reaching for greatness.

“And I will never forget you. It is beyond my mind’s capacity today to think that I won’t see you this week …or ever again. We were just cracking the code.”

“Being your friend will change me forever. It already has. Thank you for all of the moments. All of our discussions, both personal and professional.

“The laughs, the tears, and every emotion in between. I will remember all of them. I am grateful for all of them,” her coach added.

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Sad Details of Shalie Lipp’s Accident at 21

Shalie Lipp’s accident happened just a few weeks before the biggest fight of her career. She died aged 21 after ‘not wearing a seatbelt’ in a horror two-car accident.

Jeremy Bjornberg, a promoter for “No Mercy,” said Shalie Lipp had just returned from one month-long training in Thailand.

Bjornberg said: “She had an amazing work ethic she had only been back a few days from a month of training in Thailand.”

MMA Star Shalie Lipp's Tragic Death at 21 Breaks Hearts

“At 19 years old, she started fighting the top fighters in the Midwest. … She was someone everyone knew was going to go somewhere and end up in the UFC.”

Last month, the young fighter shared her excitement for the event in a post on Instagram.

“I would love it if you guys came out and supported me so close to my hometown! Bring some friends, have a couple drinks, and enjoy some violence! she wrote.

Lipp’s last Instagram post was from a week before the accident and included a video of her training in the ring. “Feeling sharp,” Lipp wrote at the time.

Fans and supporters are continuing to send condolences and touching tributes in the comments of her posts on social media.

Lipp reportedly went to Thailand to train in MMA and Muay Thai. She is 3-2 in her amateur MMA career. The MMA fighter won her first two bouts before falling to Cheyanne Bowers in March 2022.

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