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What’s Gospel Artist Shawn McLemore’s Cause of Death at 54?


Houston gospel legend has passed away on Saturday, October 9, 2021, at the age of 54. Shawn McLemore’s cause of death has not been announced yet.

His wife, Rhonda McLemore, shared the sad news on Instagram Saturday (October 9). Rhonda posted a photo of Shawn and wrote: “I’ve got a home in glory, from labor to reward.

“It is with deep and great sorrow The McLemore Family announces the transition of Shawn McLemore. Official details to follow.”

What's Gospel Artist Shawn McLemore's Cause of Death at 54?
Image source: Walker Entertainment Group

His family is in deep grief after his sudden death. They need our concern and support in this difficult time. Our deepest condolences go to McLemore’s family and friends. Let’s discuss some details related to the artist’s life and career.

Shawn McLemore, whose full name was Shawn Lamont McLemore, was born in Los Angels, California, on May 3, 1967. He was known as a gospel musician and leader of New Image.

McLemore started his professional music career in 1997 and released Wait on Him by Verity Records. It was placed on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart.

His second album, Sunday Morning: The Live Experience, was released in 2007 with Worldwide Music, yet this did not chart. Shawn’s third album, Stand: The Shawn Mac Project, came out in 2010 by Black Smoke Music alongside Worldwide Music.

In 2011, his fourth album, One Percent Miracle: Any Minute Now, was released with Black Smoke Music along with Worldwide Music.

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Was Shawn McLemore’s Cause of Death related to an Illness?

While many fans are searching for Shawn McLemore’s cause of death, there isn’t any official detail surrounding his death cause. His family also has not released any statement surrounding Shawn’s death cause at this time.

US day News is working to provide more information and collect the latest updates surrounding Shwan McLemore’s cause of death, so stay up with us.

McLemore graduated from West Los Angeles University with a Bachelor of Arts in music education. He also earned a doctorates degree from Houston Bible College.

What's Gospel Artist Shawn McLemore's Cause of Death at 54?
Image Source: InformationCradle

As a versatile singer, he also starred in Tyler Perry’s “Hell Isn’t Angry Like a Despised Woman,” “If It’s Wrong to Love You,” “Spring After Rain,” “Mom Don’t, Don’t Get,” “I Need a Man,” and other stage plays.

The Los Angeles gospel singer is survived by his wife, Rhonda McLemore, and his only child, Sharon McLemore.

It is a difficult time for McLemore’s family and friends. Words cannot express our deep sorrow from the passing of the great star, and we ask you all to keep Shawn, his family, his friends, and all of his loved ones in your thoughts through this agonizing time.

What was Shawn McLemore’s Illness?

The Houston gospel singer had been experiencing health challenges over the past few years. Shawn was hospitalized with a heart attack in 2011, and he battled a similar health issue over the past ten years.

McLemore was struggling with a similar health problem ever then, and he wrote a song called “One Percent Miracle” to describe his condition.

Some sources announced that McLemore’s death cause is Diabet, but so far, there is no official statement in regard to the same. His family also has not confirmed the rumors.

What's Gospel Artist Shawn McLemore's Cause of Death at 54?
Image source: Shawn McLemore’s Instagram

The gospel community has rallied around Shawn in recent months, including a benefit concert in April at Houston’s Community of Faith church.

Back in April, singer James Fortune spoke to McLemore and said that he was donating $7,500 for the singer as he underwent health challenges.

“What a life-changing night! Our brother, who has blessed so many with his anointed gift, was in need, and the @fortuneslivetalent stepped and did what they do! Exceeded Shawn’s expectations,” Fortune captioned the post.

“@shawnmclemore67, we are praying for you, and as @ikenice said from @richtolbertjr, THERE’S MOORE!!!!! Special thanks to @imericacampbell @tashacobbsleonard @kennethleonardjr @jonmcreynolds @keetwit @edawkins @kirkfranklin,” he added.

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Reactions to Shawn McLemore’s Death

Shortly after the heartbreaking news of Shawn McLemore’s death was revealed, several fans and friends stated their condolences and paid poignant tributes to him.

The heartbreaking news of Shwan Mclemore was announced through a statement on social media. “It is with sincere regret and our deepest condolences that DarMik Management Entertainment announces the passing of Shawn Mclemore,

What's Gospel Artist Shawn McLemore's Cause of Death at 54?
Image source: Loop Community

“We ask that you would please respect the family during this time and allow them the space that is necessary to deal with the loss of such an amazing man! We thank you for your prayers, and we ask that you continue to pray for the Mclemore Family,” the statement read.

A Twitter user wrote: “This just hit me hard. I am not ok right now. It is with great sorrow that one of my biggest mentors and brother, the legendary gospel singer Shawn Mclemore has passed away and gone on to be with the Lord. Please pray for the family.”

“This one really, REALLY hurts!!!!! 💔 I can’t take any more bad news. Shawn Mclemore, you were a genuine big brother to me during my time living in Houston. Then having the time to be up under you and my M.O.M. It was an honor. You my friend will be truly missed. Your reach and influence reached internationally!!!! My sincere prayers and condolences to Rhonda Mclemore, Shawn Mclemore, and the ENTIRE family!!!!! I’m done,” one Facebook user wrote.

One fan wrote on his Facebook account: “I waited because I didn’t believe it, Shawn Mclemore you were a light that can never go dim just shinning from a different angle, I can’t imagine doing When Momma Prays without you, you brought the anointing and the comic relief, God made you an offer you couldn’t refuse, and we can’t be mad at that but trust we still hurt. Praying for your family.”

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