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Sonny Barger’s Death of Cancer; Gone But Never Forgotten


With a heavy heart, we have to inform you of Hells Angels’ founder’s passing due to a deadly disease at 83. Sonny Barger’s death was announced on June 29, 2022.

May he rest in peace. 🕊 Please keep his family and friends in prayer.

It must be noted that the US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. If you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

Born on October 8, 1938, Sonny Barger was known to be an American outlaw biker, as well as an author and actor who was a founding member of the Oakland, California chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in 1957.

He authored five books which later appeared on television and in film. Because of Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Mr. Barger became a best-selling author with his autobiography in 2000.

Besides authoring several biker-related novels, Barger co-authored a book on the subject with Darwin Holmstrom titled Let’s Ride: Sonny Barger’s Guide to Motorcycling (2010).

For those who are interested in his early life, Sonny dropped out of school in the tenth grade. Barger worked at a grocery store and enlisted in the Army aged sixteen in 1955. This was while many of his school friends became drug addicts.

At the time it was considered that he had forged his birth certificate in order to be able to join, Sonny was given an honorable discharge fourteen months later.

Between the time when he was returned from the army and moved in with his sister and her children, Barger drifted between menial jobs and lived with his father in a single residence at a hotel.

Sonny had experienced marriage four times. He lost his first wife Elsie Mae George on February 1, 1967, due to an embolism. He started a relationship with Sharon Gruhlke, who was a former beauty queen from Livermore.

Barger married Gruhlke while he was incarcerated at Folsom State Prison in 1973. He returned to Arizona, where he had previously served a prison sentence, with his third wife Noel and stepdaughter Sarrah.

At that point, he joined the Hells Angels’ Cave Creek chapter and began to work as a motorcycle mechanic in 1998. Sonny married his fourth wife, Zorana, on June 25, 2005, and stayed together till he left this world behind.

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Sonny Barger’s Death After Suffering From Cancer

Following a brief battle with cancer, the legend Sonny Barger‘s death came out so unexpectedly that left all who knew him heartbroken.

Mr. Barger was diagnosed with throat cancer after years of heavy smoking in 1983. His diagnosis and treatment took place at Fort Miley VA Hospital in San Francisco.

A total laryngectomy with bilateral functional neck dissections was performed by Michael Tralla MD, FACS after having stage III laryngeal cancer.

Consequently, he learned to vocalize using the muscles in his esophagus because his vocal cords were being removed.

It was in 2012 that Barger underwent surgery as a result of prostate cancer. His prostate was removed and he was subsequently declared free of cancer.

Clay Mitchell commented: “There is an enormous whole in the soul of humanity today. One of a kind. From the beginning to the end…A Leader, A Brother, A Mentor, A Confidante, A Legend & the complete embodiment of HAMC. There has never been a man like Sonny & there never will be again! We should all be very grateful that we had the privilege of sharing this time & space in history with such an incredible individual. Ride Free & Rest Easy, my brother!”

A fan expressed: “RIP “SONNY” only met you once, but oh boy did I consider it a huge privilege. To all of your family, I send my dearest condolences. Sonny was a true legend. Pam Essex England.😇🏍🏍🥲🙏🏽❤️

Rob Lee wrote: “Rip brother!!! Fly high as u were one of the originals of this club! The most respect to you and ur family! This club will forever grieve for ur loss! Thank u for all the devotion and all u sacrificed for 81! My heart aches!! A legend built that built the rules and honor we live by!!! I will always honor your legacy and live by it!!!!!!”

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  1. Leane June 30, 2022

    39 years with cancer isnt a brief battle.


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