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Physics Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg’s Cause of Death


It is with the deepest sorrow to announce Mr. Weinberg’s death. The heartfelt news was revealed via tweeter. Steven Weinberg’s cause of death will be discussed.

For those who don’t know, he used to be a theoretical physicist and, as it was mentioned, a Nobel laureate in Physics. He won the Nobel prize due to the contributions he had with Abdus Salam and Sheldon Glashow.

The contribution was about the unification of the electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles and weak forces. He had worked at Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley as a postdoctoral researcher.

Physics Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg's Cause of Death
Image Source: CERN Courier

Mr. Weinberg once said: “With or without religion, good people can behave well, and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil – that takes religion.”

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What Was Steven Weinberg’s Cause of Death?

Not a lot has been shared due to Steven Weinberg’s cause of death, but the US Day News will share more valuable details with you as soon as possible.

Some have said that he died in the ICU of a local hospital last night. This has yet not been refused nor confirmed by trustworthy sources.

The tragic news came out as Sean Carroll replied a tweet and shared: “Oh no. One of the best physicists we had; one of the best thinkers of any variety. Steven Weinberg exhibited extraordinary verve and clarity of thought through the whole stretch of a long and productive life.”

Physics Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg's Cause of Death
Image Source: Twitter

We will be thankful if you share any more details due to Steven Weinberg’s cause of death or any other related to his career. Would you please acknowledge us in case of having more reliable, trustworthy information?

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Reactions to Mr. Weinberg’s Death

Physics Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg's Cause of Death
Image Source: Twitter

One shared a quote from him: “The effort to understand the universe is one of the very few things that lifts human life a little above the level of farce, and gives it some of the grace of tragedy.” – Steven Weinberg, from ‘The First Three Minutes.”

A user also shared: “One of the greatest theoretical physicists of the 20th century, a profound teacher and 1979 Physics Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg, has passed away today. He had the ability to write and communicate physics with utmost clarity and elegance. He will be greatly missed.”

Seamus Blackley tweeted: “The world is slightly less interesting today,” and one replied after: “RIP Steven Weinberg.”

One shared kindly: “I met Steven Weinberg in 2013 in Berkeley at the celebration of the 90th birthday of Bruno Zumino. He is a giant, and his ideas will live forever. So long.”

Sanjay Kumar also tweeted: “#StevenWeinberg is no more. one who taught physics to many went away on Guru Purnima day. shared the 1979 Nobel prize with salam and Glashow for the electroweak theory, which forms a major part of what has come to be known as the standard model of elementary-particle physics.”

One wrote: “A true renaissance person in that Steven Weinberg had many interests, not just in physics, and the skill to write well about them. R.I.P.”

Please remember that our condolences will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times. Kindly leave yours in the comment box below.

Steven Weinberg Books & Quotes; All you Need to Know

The beloved Nobel prize-winning physicist was able to write the universal textbook, using his voice to explain all the laws of nature for us in a few basic principles. He had written several remarkable books.

To name a few of his books, we can mention:

  • The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe(1977)
  • Dreams of a Final Theory(1992)
  • The Quantum Theory of Fields(1995)
  • To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science(2015)
  • Third Thoughts(2018)
  • Lectures on Astrophysics(2019)

It is said that Mr. Weinberg’s father mostly preferred him to follow a career in medicine; however, he, who was inspired by the popular science books of George Gamow and Sir James Jeans, decided to study theoretical physics.

“The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless”

Steven Weinberg

Mr. Weinberg had talked and written about his concerns: “Another of my concerns is the problem of infinities. When you do calculations using quantum mechanics, even when you are calculating something perfectly sensible like the energy of an atomic state, you get an answer that is infinite.”

He added: “This means you are wrong – but how do you deal with that? Is there something wrong with the theory or something wrong with the way you are doing the calculation? A lot of my work has been triggered by a concern with infinities.”

He wrote that: “Symmetry principles are principles governing the laws of nature that say those laws look the same if you change your point of view in certain ways.”

Adding that: “The classic example is Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which was based on a principle of symmetry that says the laws of nature look the same no matter how you are moving, as long as you move at constant velocity… The kind of symmetry principle I’ve been involved in is the way the observer identifies the nature of different particles.”

“Whatever the final laws of nature may be, there is no reason to suppose that they are designed to make physicists happy.”

Steven WeinbergTo Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science

He stated: “One summer I sat down and said: ‘This is the summer when I’m not going to do anything but solve that problem.’ This was 40 years ago and I haven’t solved it. No one has.”

He continued: “I thought it would be a simple matter of extending the kind of symmetry principles I used in the electroweak theory to have some kind of symmetry that involved electrons turning into muons and I could never make it work. That’s been a frustration now for 40 years.”

Steven Weinberg Religion, his Thoughts as an Atheist

As most of you may know, Mr. Weinberg was an atheist. He stated his perspectives on religion back in 1999. He lectured: “Frederick Douglass told in his Narrative how his condition as a slave became worse when his master underwent a religious conversion that allowed him to justify slavery as the punishment of the children of Ham.

He added: ” Mark Twain described his mother as a genuinely good person, whose soft heart pitied even Satan, but who did not doubt the legitimacy of slavery, because in years of living in antebellum Missouri she had never heard any sermon opposing slavery, but only countless sermons preaching that slavery was God’s will. With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil; that takes religion.”

He once said: “I’m offended by the kind of smarmy religiosity that’s all around us, perhaps more in America than in Europe, and not really that harmful because it’s not really that intense or even that serious, but just… you know after a while you get tired of hearing clergymen giving the invocation at various public celebrations and you feel, haven’t we outgrown all this? Do we have to listen to this?”

Physics Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg’s Cause of Death
Image Source: Wikipedia

Giving his point of view on the subject, he shared: “Maybe at the very bottom of it… I really don’t like God. You know, it’s silly to say I don’t like God because I don’t believe in God, but in the same sense that I don’t like Iago, or the Reverend Slope or any of the other villains of literature, the god of traditional Judaism and Christianity and Islam seems to me a terrible character.”

He added: “He’s a god who will… who obsessed the degree to which people worship him and anxious to punish with the most awful torments those who don’t worship him in the right way. Now I realize that many people don’t believe in that anymore who call themselves Muslims or Jews or Christians, but that is the traditional God and he’s a terrible character. I don’t like him.”

Have you read any of his books? Have you learned anything from him and lectures? Do you refuse to accept his perspectives? If so, let us know via the comment box below. Your thoughts on the subject will be appreciated.

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  1. Brent Meeker July 24, 2021

    I have read several of his books and refer to his book on gravitation from time to time. I never met him, but as I know him from his writings he was a great and humane thinker, full of curiosity about the world.

    1. US day News July 25, 2021

      Dear Brent Meeker, we are grateful for your sharing thoughts and experiences on the subject. He was a great thinker indeed. May he rest in peace.

  2. Nancy October 12, 2021

    He must have died of a type of cancer because I saw him at the oncology waiting room area when I went for my annual checkup from my cancer. This would have been a few months before his death. P. S. I saw him go into the room where they first draw your blood before one sees their oncologist.

    1. US day News October 12, 2021

      Dear Nancy,
      Thanks a lot for sharing some new information with us, and may he rest easy in grace and love.


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