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Deadly Illness Led to US Mayor Stu Rasmussen’s Cause of Death


With a heavy heart, we have to inform you of the first openly transgender US mayor’s passing on November 20, 2021. Stu Rasmussen’s cause of death has been reported as a disease. Stay with us.

Rasmussen had been elected twice as mayor of this Willamette Valley community in the 1990s besides being the three times member of the city council.

At the time he was mayor of his hometown, Silverton, a small community east of Salem, Rasmussen came out as transgender. He had previously served as mayor twice in the 1990s.

As it’s said, he was assigned male at birth, identified as a man, preferred masculine pronouns, had breast implants, and had a feminine gender expression. 

The self-described fiscal conservative and social liberal had been served as city councilor until January 2009. Noted, He sometimes goes by the name Carla Fong.

It’s been attributed that Throughout his career as an elected official, the beloved Rasmussen advocated for many things on behalf of those who shared his vision for Silverton.”

It’s said that although citizens can debate their support or lack of support for some of those visions, the time for those conversations has long passed. His volume of service to the city government, his role as a longtime downtown business owner, and his impact on the LGBTQ population in Silverton and beyond leave a huge legacy.

May he rest easy in grace and love and be remembered fondly. Please write your condolence for us as it will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times.

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Reality Behind Stu Rasmussen’s Cause of Death

Stu Rasmussen’s cause of death, as it’s shared, was due to cancer. It was tweeted that he passed away Wednesday after a number of weeks under home hospice care for metastatic prostate cancer.

Misha Collins tributed: “My friend, Stu Rasmussen, passed away Nov. 17. Stu was a brilliant, compassionate groundbreaker, a “gender anarchist” who championed being unapologetically who you are. Be true to yourselves today (& every day). Stu would like that. #RIPStu.”

Deadly Illness Led to US Mayor Stu Rasmussen's Cause of Death
“Stu was a brilliant, compassionate groundbreaker, a “gender anarchist” who championed being unapologetically who you are.”

Victoria Sage, his partner, shared she has received many letters from those who believe Rasmussen touched their lives. “Each is different; all are beautiful and heartwarming,” Sage shared.

After meeting at the Fifth Avenue Cinema in Portland, the lovely couple started dating in 1974, and they married in 2014. Noted, Rasmussen had co-owned Silverton’s 1936 Palace Theater, showing first-run movies since 1974.

Do you have Any more details due to the tragic News? Do you know him or have close relations? Are you a fan? Please help us to write a better, more reliable article by sharing your information with us.

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Reactions to Stu Rasmussen’s Death:

As the tragic news came out, many have been sharing their condolences through social media. One expressed: “Sorry to hear this. He put Silverton on the national map. In fact, he ran a movie theater there that was once half-owned by my grandfather decades ago. A reality show was once in development, yet never happened. It should have. #StuRasmussen.”

Steve Fugett shared: “Stu Rasmussen passed away today. I knew him as the man who serviced projectors, sound equipment for Moyer Theaters, Portland, OR; others knew him after he transgendered & was the Mayor of Silverton, OR owner of the Palace Theater in Silverton.”

One said: “I certainly won’t claim I knew Stu, but I did interact with him multiple times, and many years ago, I saw Star Wars for the first time in his movie theater in Silverton. Rest In Peace, Stu.”

Statesman Journal announced: “America’s first openly transgender mayor and lifelong Silverton resident Stewart “Stu” Rasmussen died Nov. 17 after battling prostate cancer for more than a year. He was 73.”

Jad Abumrad wrote: “So sad to see Stu Rasmussen has passed away. Spending time with Stu back in 2009 changed my understanding of how acceptance works. We will miss this great human.”

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