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What’s Big Wave Surfer Greg Noll’s Cause of Death at 84?


The Californian big-wave icon surfer Greg Noll’s cause of death has been revealed after he reportedly passed away Monday (June 28, 2021) at the age of 84. May he rest in peace.

Greg “Da Bull” Noll, who became a surfing star by combining a gregarious, outsized personality with the courage and skill to ride the greatest and most powerful waves, lived in the picturesque, seaside town of Crescent City, California; however, it was not clear where he died.

The heartbreaking death news was confirmed by an Instagram post from Greg Noll’s son’s company, Noll Surfboards, while requests for comment from the family have not been returned at this time.

The Californian big-wave icon, surfer Greg Noll's cause of death has been revealed

Noll was not only a surfer but also one of the first and undoubtedly one of the greatest big-wave riders. As an entrepreneur, he became a developer in the sport with his Greg Noll surfboards. He was building surfboards from balsa wood, which made them more maneuverable and light enough for most people to ride.

A Facebook post from Da Bull’s son Jed Noll also announced, “It is with a heavy heart the Noll family announces the death of our patriarch, Greg Noll.”

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Tragedy Behind Surfer Greg Noll’s Cause of Death

About Greg Noll’s cause of death, Jed Noll explained, ” Greg died of natural causes on Monday, June 28th, at the age of 84. We invite all of our friends and family to celebrate his life by sharing this post and your stories, pictures, and experiences through your preferred platform. Aloha. The Noll Family.”

Greg Noll was born in San Diego and later moved to Manhattan Beach along with his family. He was at the lead of big wave surfing in the 1950s and was among the first members of mainland surfers to enter local Hawaiians in riding the North Shore.

He was one of the first ones who charged big Waimea Bay in 1957 at a time when surfers used little more than boardshorts to ride monstrous waves, where crashes led to death-defying swims without any kind of flotation as chains and special life preservers for large surf were still years away from improvement.

Through a storm of significant proportions in December of 1969, beloved Noll would ride the biggest wave ever surfed at giant Makaha, proving him as a real big-wave king and tightening his legacy as a legend of the sport.

The Californian big-wave icon, surfer Greg Noll's cause of death has been revealed
Image source: Florida News Times

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Nevertheless, the wave has stayed behind shadows of mystery and intrigue because despite there being many cameras at Makaha that day, and it’s claimed not even a photo or piece of the film exists of the original wave.

US day News thought, and prayers are with Greg Noll’s family, friends, and all of his loved ones. You can kindly share your tributes in the comment section.

Although, Tracks’ founder Albe Falzon, who was capturing events at Makaha that day, states that the picture you see on Internet, in fact, is still questionable, though a reliable witness has never confirmed it.

Soon after the record, Noll quitted his throne as the world’s most famous big-wave surfer and stepped down from surfing entirely. He then moved to Northern California to take up a peaceful life, where he resumed building surfboards till his death.

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  1. Eric J. Sanico July 16, 2021

    I met da Bull in 1966 at his surf shop in Kaimuki Hawaii. Ben Aipa was shaping boards for me and other surf club members. We were called Island Wide Surf Club 17 strong young surfers who were also outrigger canoe paddlers, Greg always made us laugh because of his humorous nature and funny stories.

    1. US day News July 17, 2021

      Thank you a million for sharing your heartwarming memory. Greg Noll is alive in our hearts and minds.


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