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Susan Jacks’s Cause of Death; Leader of The Poppy Family


Canadian singer-songwriter’s death was announced on April 25, 2022, as Susan Jacks’s cause of death was suffering from kidney disease. She was waiting for a second kidney transplant when she passed away at 73.

Susan Pesklevits was born on August 19, 1948. She started her career as a professional at 15 when she was asked to be a regular performer on the national Canadian television show, Music Hop. She did live performances in the British Columbia and Alberta areas.

She established a group named “The Eternal Triangle” with two other famous Vancouver performers. After Susan accompanied Terry Jacks on performance, she made the decision to leave the “Eternal Triangle” and devoted her time to a new trio. That new group is The Poppy Family that at the first couple of months was called “Powerline”.

The group started recording as “The Poppy Family featuring Susan Jacks” after Terry and Susan got married in 1967. Satwant Singh that was introduced by Craig McCaw joined the trio later.

Susan Jacks's Cause of Death was suffering from kidney disease.

In 1977, Susan met Canadian Football League player Ted Dushinski. They married in 1980 and had a son, Thad.
The family moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1983 where she recorded the Juno-nominated song, “Another Woman’s Man”. She was nominated for the best new country artist in Oklahoma for her song “Tall Dark Stranger”.

She became a staff songwriter for a Nashville publishing company and had several songs recorded, including a children’s song on a Grammy-nominated album entitled “Snuggle Up”. Jacks later co-wrote and sang “Looking For Love” for the movie The Last Chance Cafe.

May she rest in peace.
Tough week in the Canadian music community because Shane Yellowbird was passed away too.

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The Poppy Family

The group had a couple of hits from 1968 through the early 1970s. Their most famous and international hit “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?” got first place in Canada and the second on Billboard Hot 100 which was named as their first album, too.

This hit first was called “Which Way You Goin’ Buddy?”, written from a male viewpoint but Susan suggest to re-write the song by a female. Susan’s brother Billy’s name was chosen to replace “Buddy” and the song went on to sell nearly four million copies worldwide.

Their second and last album is called Poppy Seeds and contains:

  • “Where Evil Grows”
  • “Good Friends?”
  • “Bubbling Under”
  • “Tryin'”
  • “I Was Wondering”
  • “No Good to Cry”
  • “I’ll See You There”
  • “Where Evil Grows”
  • “Good Friends?”

That they are all hit songs and each one of them earned places on Canadian and international music charts.

They also occurred on other variety shows including Rollin’ on the River and Terry lip-synced while Susan sang her own harmony vocals. Terry was not willing to tour and their career ultimately suffered because of that.

They started to record their solo albums, Susan’s I Thought of You Again and Terry’s Seasons in the Sun. Susan and Terry get divorced in early 1973 before the albums were released.

Susan Jacks's Cause of Death was suffering from kidney disease.

Health Condition which Leads to Susan Jacks’s Cause of Death

She was diagnosed with kidney failure and performed on a restricted basis as her strength disintegrated.

In 2010, Jacks’s brother Billy donated his kidney to her. A few months after the transplant, Jacks was back on the stage and, on 17 April 2011, performed a benefit concert for the Kidney Foundation of Canada to raise awareness of the need for organ donation.

Some fan tweeted: I’m sad to learn that Susan Jacks, former lead singer of Canada’s Poppy Family, has passed away from kidney disease age 73. She had been battling kidney trouble for years and was a real fighter, a kind person who never hesitated to talk to fans.

I will forever love you Susan Jacks. What an honor to be able to release your music in the US. One of my favorite singers of all time. You will be missed and celebrated often in this house.

Jack McFadden

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