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What Is The Story Behind Musician Tim Akers’ Cause of Death?


It is with the deepest sorrow to announce Tim Akers & the Smoking Section’s death. Tim Akers’ cause of death will be shared soon; stay with us.

As many of you know, Mr. Akers was a musician, a pianist, a keyboard player, and the leader of the Tim Akers and The Smoking Section band.

About the band, they explained: “The band is made up of some of the best session guys in Nashville. We are 16-strong when we play live, but due to budget restrictions the video features a scaled-down version of the band.”

According to their website, Mr. Akers’ songs had been played on many famous shows including “Lois and Clark”, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, as well as “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.

He was also a successful songwriter, arranger, and producer who was based in Nashville, TN. Mr. Akers was also the Music Director for “Prime Time Country” starring Gary Chapman, the TNN’s flagship music/talk show.

As it was mentioned he was also a director, directing countless “all-star” starring Patti LaBelle, Donna Summer, Gino Vanelli, Jamie Cullum, John Legend, and Michael McDonald.

Noted, he had worked with many well-known artists such as Dolly Parton, Paul Williams, SHeDAISY, Lou Rawls, Bruce Hornsby, Jimmy Webb, and Kevin Bacon.

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What has led to Tim Akers’ Cause of Death?

Sadly, we learned the tragic news of Tim Akers’ death from social media. Tim Akers’ cause of death has yet not been revealed by any close source; however, the US Day News will update you as soon as possible.

One wrote: “Tim Akers was one of the finest piano players and arrangers that has ever blessed the industry. Absolutely unbelievable musician. Send some love to his family. RIP Tim.”

One said: “Rest In Peace to an absolute Nashville icon, Tim Akers. Tim, with his band, The Smoking Section, set an unbelievably high bar for live music in this town. Always a crowd favorite, not to mention being a world-class good guy. Tim, you will be dearly missed.”

One tweeted: “Just heard the news that Tim Akers has passed away. An incredible musician, arranger, and bandleader. Saw his band a few times in Nashville, incredibly inspiring. RIP Tim.”

Jana Jackson replied: “A sad day for the Nashville music scene and for me personally… Praying for the family of my dear longtime friend #TimAkers… An amazing musician, songwriter, producer, and friend! Rest in Jesus’s arms, buddy… We’ll see you soon!”

More about Tim Akers and The Smoking Section

Mr. Akers once said in an interview: “When you hear the band play, the level of precision is so high because these guys all cut their teeth in recording studios, where the standards are very high.”

The band members may not be heard or seen by some people, but many of you might have known Tim Akers. Mr. Akers had worked with many celebrities and had nothing but 40 years of success in his career.

Mr. Akers said: “It’s not a rhythm section, it’s not a horn section, it’s not a vocal section. They’re so hot, they’re Smokin’. It’s just really energetic and fun. It’s all our favorite songs. There’s a whole lot of joy on stage.”

Naming a few of their work as they had released their own unique take on:

He expressed: “I don’t know that any of us are very famous. That’s been the real legacy of studio musicians. We’re the guys that nobody’s heard of, and most people never see us. That’s what makes it fun for us.”

He finished the interview by saying: “You will notice that just about everyone on stage is grinning ear to ear. There’s a whole lot of joy on the stage when we play because we’re all just having a ball.”

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